Monday, 4 July 2016

My First Time using Dream Dots pimple treatment

ACNE...Dun dun dun! That "other" four letter word. Let's not forget the others! Zit. Pimple. UGH, all such nasty words for something we all experience at some point or another. How much money do you think you've spent trying to get rid of your acne? 

There are so many companies and products that promise clear pimple-free skin. It's almost mind boggling! I've spent so much money trying to control acne and if you're like me, you feel like you tried almost everything! Now that I'm in my late twenties and figured out a skin care routine that works well for my combination skin, I haven't had a serious break out in a while. THANK GOODNESS! There is a certain time of month, however, that I get some pimples on my forehead.  Like a beacon of dispair, every month, without fail. I was super excited to get an acne treatment I saw on Instagram from the lovely Dream Dots team. THANKS GUYS!!!

I was curious to see just how long it would take for these sticky little dots to do the trick. Was this the end of my monthly breakouts?? I hoped so. SO SO SO MUCH!

I love getting blogger mail, so when I got the small box I opened the package and immediately examined the little dots that held so much promise. They were sticky, they were tiny...and I was skeptical. Of course I cringed when I took a pimple selfie (it's for the readers, it's for the readers, was my mantra) and started my test.

I was excited to peel the dot from the paper and cover up my little pimple. Maybe a little too excited! Then I went to sleep and had sweet dreams of my pimple free forehSearch Descriptionead :)

The next morning I was ready to peel off the dot, and fair warning, it hurt a bit more than I'd like to admit. I debated leaving it on, and how embarrased was I that I totally forgot about the little hairs on my face that would come off along with the dot once I peeled it off. OMG! I didn't think I was THAT hairy. JEEEZ....AND my pimple was still there! Such sad face :( 

SIDE NOTE--I DO NOT recommend using the dot on any part of your face that you have hair. hurt. 

It took three days for my lovely friend to disappear and I got used to peeling it off gently. It wasn't so traumatizing after the second day. I didn't have any exectations about how long it would take so I has happy that it only took three days. There were no marks or scars...and it looks like the pimple was never there. I have a blemish free forehead (for now) thanks to Dream Dots!

Have you tried Dream Dots? I'd love to hear how it worked for you!

AAAAAAAANNNDDDDDD *PSST* lemme share a secret with you!  I will be including a box of dots in my next giveaway so the lucky winner gets to try it for themselves. How awesome is that? STAY TUNED!

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