Thursday, 6 October 2016

My First Time using Oyana Body Care

Fall is well under way and if you're like me, your skin isn't too happy about the changing temperature! Cooler weather means a substantial moisture loss for my skin and hair. Each year I have struggled to find something that can help with the extremely dry patches on my legs. These patches seem to get worse in the fall so you can imagine how thrilled I was to try two products from Oyana Body Care. I got to try the whipped coffee brown sugar scrub and whipped cocoa shea body butter (THANKS Oyana team for spoiling me with these products!)

I was immediately drawn to how lovely both products smell. The coffee scrub had a "chocolatey" aroma and felt very gritty. It was almost like coarse sand, not the smooth sand like in the St. Ives face scrub, if you know what I mean. This coffee scrub had much larger pieces of coffee grounds and brown sugar than I'm used to. I was happy to learn that the Whipped Coffee Brown Sugar Scrub contains a blend of all natural, raw, organic ingredients like:

Brown sugar- high in glycolic acid which conditions, moisturizes, and protects from toxins 

Coffee grounds- stimulates blood flow, boosts collagen, and tightens skin; and their special CocoaShea blend of moisturizer. 

I used the coffee scrub in the shower and it really did do an excellent job of sloughing off all that dead skin. I loved how smooth my skin was and the dry, dark spots on my legs did seem a bit brighter. I got the large tub and let me tell you, a little bit is all you need to get the job done!

I followed up with the Whipped Cocoa Shea Butter. I really loved the formula and was impressed with the ingredients. My first impression was positive as it felt really luxurious. 

It contains:

Half raw Shea Butter- known for its moisturizing fatty acids and vitamins useful for treating dry skin, eczema, and stretch marks
Half raw Cocoa Butter- known for its defense against wrinkles and fine lines due to its high concentration of antioxidants 
A special blend of coconut oil- known to help block harmful UV rays and aid in tissue repair and Sweet Almond Oil- known for its anti-inflammatory qualities

This absorbed well into my skin but I was a bit disappointed when I developed chapped patches. I was really hoping to love this blend but it didn't offer the moisture I needed and ended up making my legs even drier than before! I used this every day for about a week before I stopped using it due to the lack of improvement. Once I stopped using the shea butter, my skin's appearance did improve. I'm not sure what didn't agree with my skin and I'm sad to say this did not work well for me at all :( 

I still use the coffee scrub because it did do the best job of polishing my skin. I now follow up with another moisturizer that doesn't irritate my skin, but the moisturizing effect doesn't last as long as I'd like it to. 

If you'd like to learn more about what Oyana has to offer, check out their website at

I'm still on the hunt to find something that can help with extreme dry skin. If you have dry patches on your legs like me, let me know what you use! I'd love to hear from you! 

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