Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My First Time using Scrub Supply Co

If there's something I would change about the fall, it's the way my skin responds to the cooler weather. My skin has become so dry that I fell like I am reapplying moisturizer ten times a day! In an effort to keep my face looking smooth and fresh, I pampered my skin with a coffee scrub from Scrub Supply Co.  A huge thanks to the Scrub Supply Team for sending me the coffee and turmeric scrub to try!

I've tried to make my own coffee scrubs in the past, but it didn't turn out as lovely as the coffee scrub from Scrub Supply Co. let me tell you! I really liked the formula of this scrub which contains only 5 ingredients:

coffee, cocoa powder, cold pressed coconut oil, raw demerara cane sugar and vitamin E oil

All ingredients used in the Scrub Supply Co products are 100% vegan and all natural. I liked that the particles weren't too big, like some other scrubs I have tried. It was easy to work with and didn't clog my drain! That's a huge bonus in my books! This organic scrub has many benefits like:

  • stimulating blood flow
  • reducing the appearance of cellulite and eczema
  • exfoliates dull looking skin
  • unclogs pores
After washing off all makeup, this scrub is a great way to revive your skin and give it the wake up call it might need! To use this scrub, wet your face with water and put a small amount of the scrub in the palm of your hand. Gently massage your face using the scrub while focusing on trouble areas. You can now let this sit on your face while you relax! I confess, I was a bit nervous about the coffee grounds falling off my face, but it held its own and stayed put even when I was walking around :) After 15 minutes (or longer if you just can't stop watching your favourite show on Netflix!) rinse well with warm water and pat dry. I like following up with a serum and moisturizer, but truthfully, my face felt so smooth that you might not even need it.

I was very impressed with this scrub and I'm excited to add this to my regular beauty routine. You can even use this scrub on other parts of your body for a full body experience! Have you tried a coffee scrub before? What are your thoughts?

P.S. And just because I appreciate you so so much, I'm giving away a coffee scrub AND turmeric scrub from Scrub Supply Co in my next giveaway. Stay tuned lovies!!

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