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My First Time using CelleClé

A while back I asked you about your holy grail makeup or skincare product. Since my blogging journey began I’ve tried many products and have discovered many brands, but one brand stood out from the rest. I got a lovely package from CelleClé team ( thanks so much guys!) and I was hooked after the first use. In the package was a gel cleanser, black mud mask, serum, and moisturizer- all the essentials for flawless skin :)

DetoxySmooth mild foaming gel cleanser- The cleanser is simply fab! It’s a gel cleanser that is gentle enough for sensitive skin but still does a great job of cleansing the skin of impurities. Some gel cleansers don’t foam very well or sometimes not at all, but the CelleClé gel cleanser created just enough foam to get a deep clean. The gel is almost odourless and colourless and you only need a small amount to get the job done. This is my go to cleanser after using makeup remover to make sure I get everything all squeaky clean.

What’s in it?
Betaine Salicylate- This natural sugar beet humectant delivers beta hydroxyl acids to gently lift dead cells and unwanted pigment, dissolving polluted sebum and purifying pores.
Lactic Acid- A mild exfoliating and hydrating acid that gently releases dry, damaged and polluted cells from the skin's surface, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, irregular pigmentation, age spots and dehydration.
Lemon & Passionflower- Natural fruit sources of citric, lactic and tartaric acid gently exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal, promoting a healthy, radiant skin tone.
Cotton Stem Cells- By protecting the skin's vital cells from the aging effects of urban pollution, inflammation and dehydration are reduced, while firmness, suppleness and moisture are increased.
DexPanthenol-Pro-Vitamin B5 normalizes the skin's moisture levels and increases water retention, while instantly smoothing fine lines and other signs of surface aging.
Kola, Matte and Guarana- Calming plant extracts protect the skin from dehydration and irritation during the cleansing process.

Phyto-Silt Extreme masque- For a long time I thought the Glam Glow Mud Mask was the greatest thing ever created and I think I’ve found a mud mask that works even better! This is my favourite mask to use when I want to pamper myself and get a luxurious treatment at home. I used this mask after cleansing and the results were undeniable. After the first minute, I experienced a gentle tingle that did intensify- but still felt great. I imagined all the impurities that were being lifted out of my skin as the tingle was a sure sign the mask was working.  My skin was left feeling soft and looking rejuvenated. I was amazed  that after only one use, my face looked brighter. This is definitely my holy grail mask, I’m so obsessed  *my preeeeeecioussssss*

What’s in it?
Black Silt-This natural mud derived from European lakes contains minerals and amino acids that help condition and nourish the skin while detoxifying, calming inflamma­tion and reducing microbial growth, resulting in clearer skin tone and fewer clogged pores.
Phytic Acid-Provides gentle pore softening properties and aids in cell turnover while impeding pigment formation, restoring skin radiance and minimizing dark spots.
Charcoal- Draws out pore clogging impurities and environmental toxins from congested pores, minimizing large pores and fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking pure, fresh, dewy, and radiant.
Pentavitin- A plant-derived hydrator with the unique ability to bind moisture to the skin, mimicking the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor and instantly replenishing lost hydration.
DexPanthenol-Pro-Vitamin B5 normalizes the skin's moisture levels and increases water retention, while instantly smoothing fine lines and other signs of surface aging.
Glycerin- A vegetable derived hydrating molecule with superior water holding capabilities that attracts moisture into the cell membranes, rehydrating dry, dehydrated skin for a more volumized look.
Safflower Oil-Protects from moisture loss, revives essential skin lipids and encourages barrier protection and repair, revitalizing the surface complexion.
Bisabolol-This soothing molecule, derived from chamomile, calms signs of irritation that can occur during the resurfacing process.

MicroSmooth AHA resurfacing serum- The serum absorbed well and left my skin feeling nourished. I wasn’t left with any sticky residue, which I loved since that's my biggest pet peeve about serums. This serum is great at clearing blackheads and keeping breakouts under control. You can use this serum under makeup since it’s fast acting. It feels like a primer and I like to use this under makeup when I want to replace my usual primer :)

What’s in it?
MicroDelivered Glycolic Acid-Slowly delivered to the skin over a period of several minutes, aiding in the removal of dead cells by speeding up cellular turnover, encouraging healthier, younger cells to emerge for a bright, laminated finish.
TimeReleased Lactic Acid-Blended with an amino acid complex to ensure maximum delivery to skin cells with minimum discomfort, reducing surface cell build up, while infusing plumping moisture to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Mandelic Acid- A larger, almond derived acid with purifying and brightening properties, ideal for speeding up cell turnover, sloughing dead cells and enhancing skin complexion and radiance.
BioFermented Sugar (Rhamnosoft)-Biotechnologically produced for soothing, protective, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity, causing skin to look and feel calm and balanced.
SMART Biosaccharide-Exceptionally soothing as a hydrator, cell communicator and modulator of inflammation caused by environmental aggression, it softens, hydrates and gives comfort to skin.
ActiSoothe -A bioactivated mushroom extract used in traditional Chinese medicine, this compound regulates signal proteins responsible for inflammation, helping to soothe UV damage and reduce skin sensitivity and irritation.

LustreRefine Ultra treatment moisturizer- I love that this moisturizer is lightweight and absorbed well over the serum. I’ve always struggled with dry patches on my face and this moisturizer did a fantastic job of keeping my skin hydrated. I liked the subtle fragrance and formula of this product very much.

What’s in it?
BioMarine Saccharide-A bioengineered resurfacing complex that encourages cellular turnover in skin, while at the same time calming and strengthening barrier integrity, as well as brightening, smoothing, hydrating and firming the skin's structure.
Bakuchiol (Sytenol A)-A Retinol-like molecule that delivers broad-spectrum anti-aging benefits, promoting new firming proteins that refine textures, revitalize aging structures, and return skin to a youthful, healthy glow; soothes irritation, reduces breakouts, fights pigmentation and signs of aging.
Niacinamide (4%)- A multifunctional form of Vitamin B3 that restructures the epidermal barrier, energizing skin tone and increasing firmness and radiance, adding to the skin's youthful look and feel, while suppressing hostile skin flora, keeping the skin clear and breakout-free; soothes signs of redness and normalizes pigmentation.
Rubixyl®-Restores cell signaling mechanisms, activating processes crucial for the repair of epidermal structures, while helping to reduce smoke and pollution-related aging.
Matrixyl® Synthe'6® -A facial architecture peptide essential for rebuilding facial contours from the inside out by creating a firmer matrix and smoother, stronger, plumper, line-free skin.
Aquaxyl™ -Cellulose derived sugars optimize water reserves, limiting water loss and providing smooth surface micro-relief, leaving skin better equipped to combat external aggressions.
SMART Biosaccharide -Exceptionally soothing as a hydrator, cell communicator and modulator of inflammation caused by environmental aggression, it softens, hydrates and gives comfort to skin.
Liquid Crystals- “Skin-like” molecules that mimic the skin's own tridimensional structure, integral for maintaining healthy moisture levels, reinforcing barrier strength and resilience, and ensuring better delivery of actives to the skin.
MicroAlgae (Astaxanthin)- A potent antioxidant 1000 times stronger than Vitamin E that protects against inflammation, dryness and UV radiation damage, interrupting the aging process and boosting youthfulness.

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging 😍

I really love the CelleClé range, not only for it’s cruelty-free practices, but also because these products really work. I also like that these products are formulated without formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, nanoparticles, or polyethylene beads. You might remember that last year I had to ditch some of my skin care products (looking at you Clean and Clear!!) because of the polyethylene beads I used to love in their scrubs and cleansers. I’m happy to find other ways that are environmentally friendly to get my exfoliating fix.   As you can see from some of the key ingredients that CelleClé uses, no expense was spared in the formulation of these products. If you’re looking for a layered approach to skin care, the CelleClé range offers something for everyone. You can read more about what CelleClé has to offer on their website

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