Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My First Time using the Flawless by Friday system

In the past few years, sheet masks have made huge waves in the beauty community.  Originating from South Korea, sheet masks have been very popular in Asia and are gaining in popularity and changing the beauty industry in North America; partly due to social media. You can find all sorts of shapes and sizes of sheet masks that are usually soaked in a nutrition-packed solution called essence or serum.

The sheet is made from a variety of materials including papers, fibres or gel types. The main difference between a sheet mask and a traditional wash off or peel off mask is that you only need to apply the sheet mask to your face and then take off or pat in the extra serum. Sheet masks are generally used once and since it is individually packaged, it's fast, convenient, and easy to use. 

Diverse types of fabric are used for the sheet masks. 
  • Non-woven fibre – Inexpensive, difficult mobility, low capacity to deliver serum into the skin      
  • Cottons – Inexpensive, difficult mobility, low capacity to deliver serum into the skin (but better than the non-woven fibre)
  • Hydrogel – Little pricey, great absorption system, gel-type consistency, sometimes two separate parts (top and bottom) to apply on face, difficult mobility
  • Bio cellulose – Expensive, all-natural material, adheres to the skin well, better absorption properties, comfortable mobility.
I discovered sheet masks only after seeing the hype on social media so I was thrilled when I got a lovely care package from the Flawless by Friday team (thanks a million!) You can find all sorts of masks to address specific concerns and the Flawless by Friday system has something for everyone. I tried the Flawless 5 Day system and AM/PM serum duo.

Moisture Monday- This intensive hydrating mask will deliver moisture to dry areas and maximize the effectiveness of the system for the rest of the week. 
Toning Tuesday-  Containing Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant), this formula will improve the look of skin tone and help moisturize dry skin from environmental stressors, age spots, and acne scars, leaving your skin feeling softer and more energized!
Wrinkle Wednesday- Providing the invigorating effects of green tea, this formula reduces the signs of aging and helps to tone the skin with antioxidants and essential moisture.
Tightening Thursday- Containing collagen, found naturally in your skin, this formula helps promote elasticity and firmness. 
Flawless Friday- Honey will refresh and invigorate your complexion while soothing your skin and leaving you with the perfect glow

First let me point out that these gel masks were the worst fitting masks I've ever used. I found that the eye holes were too small (and I don't even have big eyes) so I had to rip the mask a bit so I wouldn't get the serum in my eyes. Maybe it's meant to be used with your eyes closed??? That makes sense then *totally sarcastic here*  I'm also not a fan of hydrogel masks because they always slip off my face. If I'm not laying down, the mask wouldn't stay on, and if you like to multitask like me...staying still isn't always ideal. I know that there are many benefits to using hydrogel, but I will always prefer fibre, that's just me :)

Aside from that, I did really love the way my skin looked after using the five day system. My skin did feel fabulous and looked fantastic. I've always struggled with dry spots and when I used the masks right before bed, I woke up with flawless skin! After masking I used the serum and did notice a huge difference with the texture of my skin. I noticed that my face was soft and supple and that my dry spots had vanished. The forever flawless serum kit is sulphate and cruelty free, so I felt great knowing that I was using products that were not only good for my skin but also good for the environment. I was very happy with the results and if you want to learn more about what Flawless by Friday has to offer, you can visit their website at

What are your favourite sheet masks? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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