Thursday, 4 May 2017

My First Time using Rimmel Shake it Fresh Mascara

On really lazy days I love wearing a very simple makeup look, usually just filled in brows and mascara. I'm a bit of a mascara junkie really, that's why I was thrilled when I got the new Shake it Fresh mascara from Rimmel to try from Influenster. The idea is fantastic- avoid clumpy and dried out mascara by shaking it fresh every time you use it. One of my biggest pet peeves is dried out mascara before you finish the tube so I had high hopes for this product. My first impression was that the mascara tube was heavy, which made sense since there had to be a mechanism inside to refresh the formula. This mascara promises clump-free volume from first to last use as well as smudge-free and flawless volume. Hmmmmm...ok. 

I found the formula to be much too watery for my taste. If I could wipe off some of the excess I might have liked using this better. My eyelashes were left so wet, that I couldn't blink after applying or else I'd make a huge mess. Smudge-free my butt!! I shouldn't have to wait ten minutes for my mascara to dry... but once the mascara finally dried, I did't see the volume that was promised and on the contrary; I felt like Yzma from Emperor's New Groove 😖 I don't like sparse lashes, and as you can see from the before and after picture, this mascara made my lashes look sparse AF! As much as I wanted to love this mascara, I can't say that I would ever spend money on this. I do not recommend this mascara unless you're looking for spaced out lashes and don't mind waiting for the mascara to dry. 

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