Tuesday, 18 July 2017

My First Time Using the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask

One thing I love about Sephora is that they're usually pretty generous with samples, especially when you order online. I snagged the Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask as part of a skin superfoods promo. I've heard such good things about the Tatcha brand, but haven't actually tried any of their products. I was curious to see if the mask lived up to the hype and I was pleasantly surprised. 

This sample came in a cute little jar that made it convenient to save some for later. The formula was so thick and creamy which made for easy spreading. This 10 ml sample lasted about 3-4 masks, but would last longer if you spread it thinner. The main ingredient in the mask is the Japanese beautyberry (I know I know...I had no idea beautyberry was a real thing either) and I was curious to learn more about this aptly named plant. The pictures you can find of the beautyberry show exactly why this plant bears the name. The Japanese beautyberry is a glossy purple fruit that has a nearly metallic shimmer.  

While I couldn't find much evidence to support Tatcha's "superfruit" or antioxidant claim about the beautyberry, I did learn that the leaves of the beautyberry plant are as effective as DEET when used to repel mosquitoes. I did find some evidence that supported the claim that the beautyberry can help stabilize Vitamin C, but to me that's not enough to call something a "super" fruit.

But all gimmicks aside (no hate Tatcha...just facts) this mask is very special for lots of other reasons. It's made with two different types of Vitamin C: a water soluble Vitamin C derivative and an oil soluble Vitamin C derivative. When combined, you get a fast acting and deep penetrating formula that helps protect the skin and provide brighter skin over time. This mask is ideal for all skin types and is a must try if you like masks that pack a punch. 

This mask started to work immediately and I felt a lovely tingle even before I finished applying it. Once dry, the mask rinsed off easily and I was left with soft and supple skin. I couldn't stop touching my face! I have combination skin and sometimes get red patches if products are too harsh, but the Violet-C mask felt so nourishing yet gentle. I did feel radiant after using this mask and noticed an immediate improvement. The hype is true! I'll muster up the courage someday to splurge on the full size! It's worth it 100%

Are you a fan of Tatcha? Let me know your fave Tatcha product in the comments!

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