Monday, 14 August 2017

My First Time using Zao cosmetics

I've always had a love affair with bronzer and makeup that gives my skin a shimmer. As you know by now, my makeup routine is super simple and I always prefer a "barely there" makeup look. With bronzer, I can get a perfect glow without looking too "made up." I'm always on the hunt for the best products and I was thrilled to receive a few lovely gifts from the Zao team- one of which was a bronzer. The Zao range not only comes with beautiful bamboo packaging, but with a soft Zao branded pouch. This makes all the Zao products perfect for gifting. What also makes the Zao brand so unique is the ability to fully customize and refill your palette.  Keep reading for my first impressions ⇩⇩⇩

Bronzer 342- I really like the Zao formula and found this bronzer to be long lasting as well as nourishing for my skin. Some bronzers don't blend well and you're sometimes left with a striped look. This bronzer blended perfectly and really made my skin glow! Most of the Zao products come in reusable and refillable bamboo packaging which is perfect if you're looking for a brand that is environmentally conscious. 

Eye shadows 105 and 202- I also got two eye shadows that I've since fallen in love with. I like that these eye shadows have enough shimmer that they can be used as a highlighter. That's a big win in my books because I like multi-functional products. Products that blend well are important to me and these eye shadows do a fantastic job. The formula is high-quality and is on par with many of the other top notch brands I've used. The Zao powders are talc free but still last all day. PERFECT!

Lip polish 035- And speaking of long lasting products, I was surprised that the lip polish stayed vibrant after a full day of talking, eating, and drinking! The Raspberry 035 is the perfect product if you're looking for something with a glossy finish, but offers more colour than a lip gloss. It almost feels like a liquid lipstick when you put it on and delivers a ton of moisture so you can achieve a luscious pout. You can use the lip polish on its own, or you can use it over your fave lipstick for a shiny finish. I love how versatile this product is! The formula spreads very well and 5ml sure does go a long way :)

You can find so many products on the Zao website and there really is something for everyone. There's a wide range of foundations, bamboo brushes, lip products, blush, bronzers, eye shadows and other accessories.  I'm truly impressed with the Zao brand and I'm happy to share my new discovery with you! If you're looking to discover this eco friendly, cruelty-free, gluten-free brand for yourself, check out 

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