Tuesday, 31 October 2017

BATTLE OF THE BOXES- Ipsy vs. Boxycharm

Makeup subscription boxes are everywhere and there really is a box for everyone. I've seen so many boxes on social media that look promising, but taking the plunge to sign up can be a bit daunting if you're scared of making that commitment or getting disappointed with what you get. Two popular boxes that seem to always creep up on my social feeds are Ipsy and Boxycharm. I thought it was the funniest thing that both sub boxes have the same theme this month: Spellbound. How fitting for a sub box comparison post LOL!! Both offer monthly makeup and skin care items and if you can't decide on which subscription box to commit to...keep reading!

I've been an Ipsy subscriber for over a year and I appreciate the opportunity to learn about makeup at an affordable price. For Canadian subscribers, Ipsy is around $20 per month and is a great way to build your makeup collection on the cheap. I've learned about so many new brands thanks to this subscription and I didn't have to break the bank to do it. I like that you also get a clutch with each package that I use for keeping everything organized. There have been some months that I like the clutch more than the products inside!!

I've received two boxes from Boxycharm and I can already tell you it's quickly becoming my fave sub box. For Canadian subscribers, Boxycharm comes in at just under $35 per month. It is a bit more than Ipsy but I feel its worth the price considering that you get bigger (but that doesn't always mean better) products. 

As you can see, both boxes have something to offer for everyone depending on what you're looking for. Both Ipsy and Boxycharm have similar delivery times and I found that customer service tends to be pleasant for both as well. 

Here are my top pros and cons for each subscription box:

Ipsy Pros:

-Exposure to indie and well known brands
-Fantastic rewards program and rewards shop
-Reusable clutch every month
-Good member perks and discounts

Ipsy Cons:

-Affordable price but low value. You get much smaller samples (full size products don't come often)
-Recycled products (I've seen the same range of products sometimes in various bags for other months)

Boxycharm Pros:

-Affordable price and high value
-Almost always full size products
-Exposure to indie and well known brands

Boxycharm Cons:

-Terrible rewards program and rewards shop (Seriously don't waste your time if you like to redeem points on the reg)
-Lack of customer appreciation (not many member perks or discounts)

While there are areas for improvement for both boxes, the thrill of getting new items to try each month is the same. Do you love makeup subscription boxes?? Which ones do you love most? Let me know in the comments :)

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