Tuesday, 23 January 2018

My First Time using Soo AE Masks

It's no secret that I've become a bit of a skincare junkie. Like really...I'm obsessed. There are some days I truly look forward to ending my day with my skincare routine because it's become a welcome and much needed ritual that helps me unwind. There's nothing I love more than finding great masks that leave my skin soft and radiant so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got a lovely care package from the Soo AE team :) To celebrate the Soo AE Canadian launch, I got to try the full catalogue and I narrowed down my favourites to just three (which was REALLY hard to do!!)

The Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask was the most fun to use. I have tried all sorts of bubble masks but the Soo AE bubble mask has Binchotan charcoal, kaolin clay and bentonite clay for an amazing purified feeling after you rinse it off. The bubbles weren't overwhelming like other bubble masks I've tried and actually smells ok. That could be because Binchotan charcoal (also known as white charcoal) was traditionally used by Japanese chefs because it does not release unpleasant odours when used for cooking. My skin was left feeling thoroughly clean and fresh. 

I'm not usually a fan of hydrogel masks because some of the ones I used fall off too easily, but the Soo AE Supreme Gold mask fit very well. This product promises to help minimize the look of fine lines as well as boost moisture and soothe dryness. While I didn't notice an immediate benefit to the lines around my eyes, I did feel nourished. I was interested to learn that this mask contains peat water (helps improve cell turnover and increases sin elasticity), bamboo water (fights free radicals, moisturizes, and helps fade dark spots), and birch sap (reduces inflammation and is hydrating). My skin was glowing after using this mask!

Another fave is the Purifying Black Charcoal Mask. I love the texture of this mask and found the fit to be near perfect. This was my first time using a mask that contained green caviar extracts which is said to provide instant clarity and moisture to relieve dry and tired skin. Also known as the "Sea Grape", green caviar has many benefits that make it perfect for skin care. It can rejuvenate and improve the skin, as well as delay signs of aging.  I liked the serum of this mask because it absorbed well and left my skin visibly brighter. 

I've seen Soo AE masks in many beauty stores and I'm happy I got the chance to see how amazing they are. You can find these masks at Wal-Mart or the Soo Ae website at https://sooae.ca/ As a special treat to all my readers and followers, I'm also including two masks in my next Instagram giveaway so stay tuned to find out more!!  

Have you tried any of these Soo AE masks? Let me know which one is your fave! 


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