Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Sometimes that special guy in our life might need a little pampering too. I'm terrible for finding creative ways to say "thank you" and there's only so many Best Buy gift cards I can buy, you know what I mean!?! Wouldn't it be nice if there was a subscription box that catered to that fantastic guy that enjoys carefully selected goodies? Well look no further than the Extraordinary Man Box by BC Living- is just as good as it sounds. I got the winter Editor's box for review (thanks so very much!!) and my hubby loved every single item in the box. I was happy to see that this box featured a wide range of lifestyle items. 

In the box:

Wolf Clothing Co. socks
Barber and Co shave oil
Domenica Fiore olive oil
Vitality Relax + herbal aid
2 Simply Beautiful copper mugs
Clear the Mind for Success by Brad J. Liski
Avventura Outdoors Flashlight 

My favourite items were the copper mugs since I'm loving Moscow Mules lately. I was also surprised that the olive oil was so tasty. My hubby drizzled some oil on top of homemade pizza and let me tell you...I couldn't stop eating! I was really impressed that this box featured so many high end brands. Out of all the items, my hubby found the flashlight most useful because there are multiple settings like strobe and SOS mode.  This box is valued at $162 CAD and is a great deal if you're looking for some useful items to add to your collection. There were 7 items in the winter 2017 box and every item will be well loved. 

More about the products inside:

Wolf Clothing Co. socks- My hubby loved the Wolf Clothing Co Marquise socks because the diamond pattern and two tone detail look great with both dressy and casual attire. These socks are both comfortable and stylish- a win-win!

Barber and Co shave oil- This shave oil does a fantastic job of prepping the skin for the razor's blade, and I should know since I tried some on my legs (Sorry...not sorry!) My skin gets so dry in the winter so it was nice to try this hydrating and calming elixir. Oh and it worked great on my hubby's face too HAHA! 

Domenica Fiore Olio Veritas olive oil- One of the many things my hubby and I can just drink from the bottle. This olive oil is So. Damn. Good! Domenica Fiore oils are stored in a stainless steel bottle, which I now know is the best material for preserving olive oil's nutritional and flavour characteristics. Not only is the Olio Veritas oil hand harvested and cold pressed, it won gold honours in Beijing, New York, Palermo and Tokyo. And for good reason! I'm a sucker for little details and I was thrilled to learn that each bottle is hand signed, dated and numbered by the producer. If you know someone that likes collecting olive oils then this one's for you (or them!)

Vitality Relax + herbal aid- The holidays can be both a joyous time and a stressful time, so it was nice to have an herbal aid to support the madness. Relax + can help relieve tight muscles while calming the mind. It can also encourage a more restorative sleep since it can reduce restlessness. 

2 Simply Beautiful copper mugs- Perfect for these cold winter nights, these copper mugs are useful AND look fabulous in my liquor cabinet. You can use these mugs for any drink- not just Moscow Mules but as with any copper mug it's important to hand wash and dry as soon as possible to keep the copper looking it's best. 

Avventura Outdoors Flashlight- 1,200 lumens, three power levels, field-width settings, SOS mode, and strobe mode...seriously this is the flashlight of my dreams. I can't wait to take this baby out with us when we go camping and since its surprisingly durable, my hubby can take this on his fishing trips. The uses for this flashlight are many and that's why it's an excellent addition to any home. 

I'm very pleased with this box and would recommend getting the subscription for any special guy that might need a little lifestyle update. And HELLO...Valentine's Day is coming up so if you wanted to get something that screams "I put so much thought into this!" check out the EMB at

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