Thursday, 22 February 2018


Once in a while, you stumble upon something and you wonder how you ever lived without it.  For me, that something just happens to be a trendy skincare line that's making big waves in the beauty community. For the past few years I've really struggled with mild hormonal acne so when I saw some of my favourite beauty bloggers rave about The Ordinary, I thought I'd give it a try. I've seen great results ever since I've incorporated these products into my skincare routine and even though there are still some other products from the line that I want to try, I'm happy with the results. 

Granactive Retinoid 2% emulsion- Since there are so many products available from The Ordinary that I got a bit overwhelmed with the options. Imagine if you could pick and choose which ingredients you wanted to target specific skin concerns to create a fully customized regimen. That's exactly what you can do with these products. At first glance it may seem like ingredients only a chemist would understand, but it's not that scary I PROMISE!!! I decided to start my journey with The Ordinary with the Granactive Retinoid because it promises to help with dullness, uneven texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. Since this product is a retinoid, it's recommended to use this only at night because retinoids can make skin more sensitive to UV rays. 

After a few weeks of use, I found my skin to be a bit brighter and smoother, but I didn't notice any dramatic effects. Since I used this product at night, the true test was how I felt in the morning and I did feel like my skin was soft as soon as I got up. 

Buffet- This serum is by far my fave product from The Ordinary. It's a multi-peptide serum that promises to help with dryness, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles. It's packed with skin loving goodness like syn-ake, matrixyl synthe-6, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and more. Since there are so many great things in this serum, you're able to target many skin concerns at once. Incredible!

After a few uses I noticed my skin looked much healthier and since it's so potent, a couple drops is all you need to cover the entire face. It feels very slippery but has a water-like consistency that absorbs well. 

Natural Moisturizing Factors +HA- Just when I thought I had my skin care routine locked down, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a fantastic daily moisturizer that costs less than $6. Say what now? You read that right darlin', AND its perfect for all skin types. There are 11 amino acids and a whole lot of other goodies that make this product your new wonder cream. 

After a few uses I noticed my skin was nourished ALL DAY and by night time I wasn't left looking dry or greasy. As someone with really dry skin, I appreciate not having to reapply moisturizers. I liked that it dried matte even though it's on the thicker side. You can wear this under makeup and if you like a sheer look like I do, it's great for wearing under powder foundations. 

I purchased these items individually without even realizing that this particular combo is listed on their website as the "no brainer" set. LOL!! I'll be using these products for the next little while and plan on trying the caffeine solution to help with the dark circles under my eyes. Have you tried anything from The Ordinary?? Let me know what combo has been working for you! 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

February 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I have been an Ipsy subscriber for two years, and at first I was a bit skeptical about a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box because I didn't want to end up with a bunch of products I couldn't use or didn't know how to use. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products in a cute makeup bag, and I was sold after checking out their previous bags. If you're not very adventurous with makeup like me, it's a great way to build your makeup collection on the cheap and expand your makeup expertise!

The February 2018 glam bag theme was Unzipped and I'm loving the pink and lace bag design. I'm a sucker for anything pink LOL! This bag also marks two years with Ipsy :) HOLY MOLY!!! I'm thrilled to see new things from Ipsy, like the Shopper program and better rewards, but I still feel like a lot of the items are "recycled" from previous months and would love to see bigger samples. 

In my bag:
Seraphine Botanicals Lychee + Gold blush
Hey Honey Come Undone makeup remover
Trèstique mini eye pencil
Luxie Beauty blending and shading brush
Apto Skincare day lotion

I was most excited to get the Apto lotion because I was unfamiliar with the brand and always enjoy discovering new products. I rate the February Ipsy Glam Bag a 5/5! 

Click here to sign up with Ipsy and get your very own Glam Bag! 

More about the products inside:

Seraphine Botanicals Lychee + Gold blush- I really like the white and gold packaging and the creative use of each side of the box to display important information. This blush can be used on its own or as a topper for other blushes since it showcases a micro gold frosting for an added pop of light. There's a subtle fragrance that reminds me of cherries, but it could be the mangosteen, lychee and chamomile combo that's offering the sweet scent. I really like that this rose gold formula is blendable and buildable so you can wear it sheer or full glam. 

Hey Honey Come Undone makeup remover- I love multitasking products and the Come Undone makeup remover from Hey Honey is a skin cleanser, makeup remover, and eye makeup remover all in one. This product starts off as a gel and finishes to a milky cleanser once the job is done. My skin was left feeling clean, but not stripped. I LIKEEEEE!

Trèstique mini eye pencil- I've been a fan of Trèstique since discovering the brand in one of my Ipsy bags and it's always a treat to get their products. This sample was so tiny that I almost didn't notice it in my bag, but this small pencil sure packs a punch! It does take some getting used to because the formula is super soft, but you can get some precise lines like a regular pencil, or smudge it out if you're looking for something to make your smokey eye really pop. 

Luxie Beauty blending and shading brush- I love the colours of the Luxie brushes I've gotten from Ipsy and I was happy to get another perfect brush. The blending and shading brush is an Ipsy exclusive and it's nice to have just one brush that is double sided since I like to pack as little as possible when I'm travelling. Luxie brushes are soft and hold product well so I can create nicely blended eye looks. I prefer synthetic brushes like this because I find they do the best job. 

Apto Skincare day lotion- I found the formula of this lotion to be a bit on the watery side, but it absorbed quickly and easily. I liked the fragrance and my skin was left feeling hydrated and smooth. I used this product in the morning and found that the moisturizing properties lasted all day. I'm impressed! 

I was happy with the Feb glam bag and can't wait to see what March has in store! Tell me...did you get the Feb Ipsy bag? I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My First Time using Pure Essentials

I'm always on the hunt for new products to love, especially products that help with dry winter skin because ya skin just DRINKS moisture like nobody's business this time of year. I was thrilled when I was gifted three products from the Pure Essentials team (seriously, thanks guys!!) and just had to share with you how grateful I am to find products that nourish my skin. I got to try the honey hydrating mask, gin and tonic lip balm, and winter face cream- all perfect for soothing dry skin.

Hydrating Honey Mask- At first look, I was expecting a powerful fragrance because the mask is filled to the brim with potent goodness. To my surprise it wasn't too much at all. Not only does this honey mask contain local Canadian honey, I found an ingredient I wasn't familiar with- Babassu oil. Say wuuut?! If you haven't heard of this incredible ingredient, you're in for a treat. We've all heard of how amazing coconut oil can be, but Babassu oil is another underrated skin saviour that hasn't had it's moment to shine yet. 

So what's the big deal?

The Babassu tree grows in the tropical areas of Brazil and like coconut oil, the Babassu kernels can be easily warmed up and melted to be used in a variety of ways. Since it's packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants, and anti-fungal, -inflammatory,  and -microbial properties,  Babassu oil can be used as a coconut oil substitute. Oh and it's also lightweight, doesn't clog pores, absorbs easily, and is incredibly moisturizing. 

I was very impressed with how nourishing my face felt after using this mask and I'm happy to add this to my weekly routine! The Hydrating Honey Mask not only works wonders for your skin, it can also be used in your hair to help reduce split ends and increase shine. WIN-WIN!!

Gin and Tonic Lip Balm- This coconut oil based lip balm smells fantastic and nourished my lips- even on super cold days. There are currently 5 varieties of this balm available and I love the Gin and Tonic that I got to try. I found this formula great to use, but a word of caution if you're using this product in warm weather since I found that it started to melt in my pocket when I was indoors. I really liked how this balm saved my lips from chapping and doesn't need to be reapplied every 10 seconds! Long lasting lip balm? Yes please!!!

Winter Face Cream- If you're like me, your skin HATES the cold and responds by showing off all the lovely dry patches on your face and let's be honest...just about anywhere and everywhere on your body. I've always struggled to find the PERFECT winter face cream and I think I finally found it. The Pure Essentials Winter Cream is my new winter fave, and for good reason! The formula is the perfect amount of thickness so I felt moisturized but not weighed down. What a miracle! It absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling nourished.  Even the dry spots. I love wearing it as a base for my powder foundation because it really provides a great canvas for the powder to stay put. A little really does go a long way with this product, so a quarter sized amount is all you need. I was impressed to learn that the first ingredient is grape seed oil, which is an excellent source of vitamin E and is high in flavonoids (antioxidants).

Combined, these three items were perfect for saving my dry winter skin! Hallelujah!!! I recommend checking out Pure Essentials if you're looking for extra moisture or nourishing products to get you through the rest of this cold season. 

Visit if you want to learn more and use code PURE15 to save $$$ off your order. 


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

January 2018 Boxycharm Review

After being a loyal subscriber to Ipsy for over a year, I decided it was time to give another makeup subscription box a chance. Boxycharm is similar to Ipsy. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products delivered right to your door, and I was sold after checking out their previous boxes. If you're not very adventurous with makeup like me, it's a great way to build your makeup collection on the cheap and expand your makeup expertise!

The January 2018 Boxycharm theme was Rock 2018 and let's just say that after seeing all the horror stories on Instagram about broken products from Boxycharm, I'm happy to report that my Crown Pro Glam Metals palette arrived safely LOL. I was really disappointed with the shipping issues that Boxycharm was dealing with, and I hope the Boxycharm team can get a bit more organized with the way they handle complaints. 

In my box:
Dr. Brandt pores no more primer
It Cosmetics eyebrow pencil
Crown Pro Glam Metals palette
Pür Cosmetics cheek palette
Girlactik lip paint

I'm a bit underwhelmed with the selection this month, but I'm really happy to see many high end brands and full size items. I rate the January Boxycharm box a 5/5.

Click here to sign up with Boxycharm to get a haul like this for yourself! 

More about the products inside:

Dr. Brandt pores no more primer- I love a good snapchat filter and I find myself envious with the way my skin looks so darn flawless! I've been on a mission to get the best skin possible so I can achieve that flawless Snapchat filter look, and have really paid attention to the products I use. That's why I was so happy to try the Dr.Brandt pores no more luminizer primer. This product absorbed well and really seemed to  promote that illuminated from within look. I've heard so many great things about this brand and I'm happy I can try it without breaking the bank. Thanks Boxycharm!

It Cosmetics eyebrow pencil- I love using an eyebrow pencil when I need a quick fix and It Cosmetics really hit it out of the park with this one. This is not your ordinary brow pencil. It's infused with biotin, nettle, green tea, lecithin, antioxidants, grape seed, and vitamins A, B5, C and E! WOWZA! This really is a magical product because the shade adjusts based on pressure so it works for everyone. How amazing is that??

Crown Pro Glam Metals palette- I've just started my palette collection and I was happy to see the spoiler for this product on Instagram because I didn't have this colour combo. I like that these colours can be used for everyday looks as well as full glam. These shades are buttery and blendable- perfect for beginners as well as makeup gurus. 

Pür Cosmetics cheek palette- I looooove products that don't take up too much space in my makeup bag. The Pür Cosmetics bronze and brighten cheek palette features the shades Afterglow, Mineral Glow, and Blushing Glow. This highlight, bronzer, and blush palette offers everything you need to get that perfect sun-kissed glow. 

Girlactik lip paint- Liquid lipsticks are my jam so I was thrilled to get this product in my January box. I wasn't familiar with the brand, but I quickly understood why Girlactik is a cult fave. It's super lightweight, non-cracking, long lasting and doesn't settle like most matte liquid lipsticks tend to do. 

I was very happy to get such an amazing box from Boxycharm.  Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Which ones are your faves? I'd love to hear from you!

January 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I have been an Ipsy subscriber for over an year. I was a bit skeptical about a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box because I didn't want to end up with a bunch of products I couldn't use or didn't know how to use. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products in a cute makeup bag, and I was sold after checking out their previous bags. If you're not very adventurous with makeup like me, it's a great way to build your makeup collection on the cheap and expand your makeup expertise!

The January 2018 glam bag theme was Game Face and I'm loving the bright colours of this month's bag design. The mesh pouch would be the perfect gym companion because let's be real...I haven't been to the gym in a hot minute so I'm here for anything that can help inspire that #gymlife! My bag was filled with decent items this month so I was happy to start the year off on the right foot :) I was reaaalllllly close to cancelling my Ipsy subscription, but truthfully, I've spent $20 on worse so for now I'll keep hoarding these samples like nobody's business!

In my bag:
Ciaté London liquid eyeliner
Glow for a Cause body butter
Bellapierre cosmetics brow gel
Purlisse Beauty mask 
TheBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer 

I was most excited to get the Purlisse mask because you know ya girl can never have enough skincare stuffs :) I rate the January Ipsy Glam Bag a 5/5 and I'm happy to start the year with an awesome bag of samples.

Click here to sign up with Ipsy and get your very own Glam Bag! 

More about the products inside:

Ciaté London liquid eyeliner- I truly love liquid liner. I find it super easy to get a nice cat eye with this eyeliner and it dries quickly to a matte finish. I like Ciaté products because they're long lasting and easy to use. What makes a good liquid eyeliner pen is not only the formula, but the flow (look at me talking like some kind of eyeliner guru! LOL) but hear me out...there's nothing worse that a pen that lets out too much product, so you end up making a bit of a mess if you aren't careful. The tip of the Ciaté pen is PERFECT so you don't have to worry about drips or dry pen tips. 

Glow for a Cause body butter- What I love most about the Glow for a Cause body butter is that the fragrance isn't overpowering. It smells so heavenly! My dry skin really craves moisture this time of year so I'm happy to have a body butter that is made with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, sunflower oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. This sample is a bit tiny so I didn't get much use from it, but from what I WAS able to try I was very pleased with. 

Bellapierre cosmetics brow gel- I usually use Benefit's Kabrow for a full glam look or a pencil for daily brows. I was a bit skeptical at first about the Bellpierre brow gel, but I was pleasantly surprised that it stayed in place all day. It's not as buildable as I'd like, but it's still useful for everyday brows if you're looking for something subtle but still put together. 

Purlisse Beauty mask- If you know me, you know how much I love using masks! I was thrilled to see the Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask in my Ipsy bag (keep it coming Ipsy!!!) At first use, I was surprised at the immediate tingle. It wasn't too strong, but I don't think this would be a good mask for someone with super sensitive skin. I was happy to learn that this mask is full of nourishing ingredients like white clay, ginger, blue lotus seeds, and mushroom. I felt like my skin got a deep, intense clean and felt nice and smooth after I rinsed it off. 

TheBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer- I don't know bout you, but I've gotten A LOT of highlighters in my subscription boxes lately. As in all kinds...not just pressed highlighters. I honestly can't use or give them away fast enough!! I do like the pigment of the Mary-Lou Manizer but i've gotten so many of these tiny samples from Ipsy I don't see myself using this any time soon. 

I was happy with the January glam bag and can't wait to see what Feb has in store! Tell me...did you get the January Ipsy bag? I'd love to hear from you!

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