Monday, 25 June 2018

SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW- Simply Beautiful Box *Summer 2018*

It's finally OFFICIALLY summer! Cue the trips to the beach, cold drinks on the patio, and afternoon ice cream treats! I don't know about you, but my family loves to take advantage of every last bit of warm weather by being outside as much as we can. That's why having the right summertime essentials make packing up the car for road trips that much easier. I was thrilled to get the summer Simply Beautiful Box from the lovely BC Living team, the same team that curated the Extraordinary Man Box. This box was filled to the brim with some fantastic travel essentials for summer and I can't wait to use all these goodies on my adventures this year. 

In the box:

Mytagalongs charger case
Stripped Southern Comfort feminine wash
Lark & Ives Wanderlust pin set
Simply Beautiful nautical beach tote
Maskeraide sheet masks
Nayelle Rejuvenate night cream 
Blush Pony makeup bag

My favourite item would be the beach tote because I'm a sucker for cute bags AND its the perfect size for quick trips to the park or beach. This box is valued at $180 CAD (yes...really!) and is a great deal if you're looking for some useful items to refresh your summer essentials. There were 7 items in the summer 2018 box and each item will be well loved. I'm really impressed with the wide variety of products! 

More about the products inside:

Mytagalongs charger case- I complain to my hubby all the time about the many chargers I need for my various devices and even though it's super annoying, at least I now have a cute bag to keep them all in one place! I never realized how convenient it is to have a pouch with pockets for all the little plugs and chords I need when I'm travelling. It's the perfect size for daily use as well and the quartz agate design will give you some added style points too!

Stripped Southern Comfort feminine wash- I love feeling fresh and if you've been following along on Instagram, you know how important my evening cleansing routine is. This feminine wash is specially formulated  with probiotics for your delicate lady parts. It's got a light floral scent and I'm happy to add this to my nightly routine. 

Lark & Ives Wanderlust pin set- I really love these pins because they can be used in many ways. Not only can you use them to pin up your favourite summer memories that you eventually get around to printing, you can make your favourite accessories extra glam by using the butterfly backing to keep them in place. LOVE!!

Simply Beautiful nautical beach tote- There's just something about this classic striped tote that says "we're going to the beach!!" and I'm loving it so so much. Not only is it super stylish, it's equally functional. I love the wide base and coated lining so I know I wont have a hard time cleaning up any inevitable spills or messes. The straps are durable and offers a comfortable way to carry all your summer swag with ease. 

Maskeraide sheet masks- I first used the Maskeraide masks during a road trip a couple years ago. I was so thankful to have the eye patches for the trip since the AC can be so drying. These sheet masks are just as good as I remember them, full of skin loving ingredients like Argan oil, aloe leaf extract, and niacinamide. I prefer fibre masks over gel masks because they fit better and a more comfortable. Maskeraide sheet masks are made from TENCEL, which is a 100% biodegradable cellulosic fibre that improves absorbency. These masks really are a must try if you're looking for a travel friendly mask.

Nayelle Rejuvenate night cream- I was really surprised to see this full size cream in the Simply Beautiful Box. This cream is formulated with probiotic goat milk peptides, fermented sea kelp, glacial oceanic clay, and snow mushroom. I love that these ingredients are full of proteins, essential fatty acids, and minerals and vitamins. There are a ton of antioxidants that also help slow the aging process and replenish the skin. I used this cream a few times and did notice a subtle improvement but it's too soon to tell if this product will make it's way into my regular skin care routine. Keep an eye out for a full review of this cream :)

Blush Pony makeup bag- Super trendy and useful are two words I'd use to describe this makeup bag and I can fit EVERYTHING in it! This would be perfect for anyone that needs a little upgrade (and let's be honest, even if you don't it's still worth it) and new bags always remind me that it's time to throw out the old and bring in the new anyway. When was the last time you went through your old makeup, ladies??? If you haven't tossed out your old makeup in the last six months, I suggest you get a trendy new makeup bag like this one and get to updating your summer makeup stash ASAP!

If you love this haul and want to see what the amazing team at BC Living has to offer, check out their website at and tell me, what's your fave seasonal subscription box? I'd love to hear from you!!


  1. That looks like a great box! I’ve been wanting to try one of those charging cases!

  2. That is a such awesome box! I loved the ideas you've put into it. Will definitely do this.

  3. What fun goodies! I love those little push pins and the tote!

  4. Oh my gosh this all looks so amazing! I love these unboxings! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love unboxings like these! I used to be obsessed with subscription boxes, but these days I feel like I always end up with products I never use.

  6. Thanks for sharing - these products all look awesome!

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