Monday, 25 April 2016

My First Time using the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

I'm always a sucker for a beauty mask. The hardest thing  for me is walking out of Shopper's Drug Mart without something from the skin care aisle or makeup section. It's a weakness!! I really enjoy making my own masks at home, but I'm always ready to try something new and cool. When I saw the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Clay Mask on Instagram I just HAD to try it. The pics that people were posting looked so funny, and I was so happy when I found that the mask was available on Amazon (THANK YOU THANK YOU AMAZON!!!) If you haven't seen it already, you're in for a pleasant surprise!!

When I got my mask I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to come over so we could have a masking day. This turned out to be the best idea ever, since we seriously couldn't stop laughing at the whole ordeal! Let me tell very carefully so you don't make the same mistakes we did!!

1. You can find instructions online, and unless you read Koren, don't bother looking for English instructions on the box. We found that you should apply a generous amount and the bubbles should form within 5 minutes. The mask has a scent similar to glue and was very sticky. Some sites said you might need to rub some water on the hardened mask to encourage bubbles, and other sites said the bubbles would form on its own. For us it was BUBBLES GALOOOOOORE!!!!! Note: use a THIN layer. Don't make the mistake in spreading it on too thick otherwise you'd end up with bubbles up your nose and in your eyes like we did.

2. After a few minutes the bubbles started to form and within 5 minutes our faces were COVERED in bubbles. We looked so silly and really couldn't stop laughing because there were bubbles flying everywhere OH...MY...GOSH!!! You could hear the bubbles popping, and while I enjoyed the tingling sensation, my friend said she felt like it was burning.

3. Time to rinse!! After 10 minutes we had enough of the bubbles and decided to rinse. I used my hands to rinse off the mask but had a really hard time getting the thick layer under the bubbles to come off. NO JOKE I freaked out! WHY ISN'T IT COMING OFFFF?!?!?! How come no one TOLD ME about this?!?!?!  I was so close to crying real tears guys. Refer to point 1 so you never have to experience a near death experience like I did. It was not fun...not fun at all. Next time I will  just use a face cloth to wipe the mask off so I don't have to stand at the sink for 10 freaking minutes! ;)

In the end, I really liked the way my skin felt after I used the mask. I really felt cleaner and refreshed and hopefully my next experience won't be so traumatic now that I know what to expect!

Have you tried the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask? Let me know what you think!

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