Monday, 30 May 2016

My First Time using an Oval Brush set

I'm such a terrible person for getting out of habits. Once I find  a technique that works, I usually stick with it. I almost always wear the same winged liner, the same eyeshadow combo, and heck, I can even put my makeup on with my eyes closed because it's usually the same blending technique every time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! AMIRITE!?! 

So when I was recently sent a beautiful set of oval makeup brushes for review, my first thought was "dafuq am I supposed to do with THOSE?!?!" I enjoy the stippling I need to do with my beauty blender. I'm good at it, it looks what's this new oval brush business about anyway! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the brushes. While it definitely took some getting used to, I was happy to noticed how much LESS product I needed for full face coverage. 

The bristles are so soft and dense that I needed much less foundation than when I used my beauty blender. That's a HUGE bonus in my book. I'm still getting the blending techniques down, but I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. I still prefer to use my regular beauty blender, but that's only because old habits die hard!! If you want to be adventurous, take a peek at MyMakeupBrushSet and save 10% when you use coupon code SAVEWITHMONICE

Here's a bit about how to use each brush:

Brush Coverage/Functions:

    Handle A & B 
    Foundation, Bronzing, Setting Powder
    A - 11.9cm  / W:1cm / H: 1.1cm / Hair diameter: 0.7cm, 10.2g
    B - 14.1cm / W:1.4cm / H:1.4cm / Hair diameter:1.2cm, 12.4g 
    Handle C & D 
    Cheek Blush, Cheek Contour, Foundation, Foundation, Bronzing, Setting Powder
    C - 14.7cm / W:2.2cm / H:1.4cm / Hair diameter:1.8cm, 15g
    D - 15.4cm / W:2.8cm / H:1.4cm / Hair diameter:2.5*3.6cm,20g
    Handle E 
    Concealer,  Cheek Blush, Cheek Contour, Foundation, Bronzing, Setting Powder
    16cm  / W:3.4cm  / H:2cm / Hair diameter:3.1*4.2cm, 29.4g
    Handle F
    Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Concealer,  Cheek Blush, Cheek Contour
    16.5cm / W:4cm / H:2.6cm / Hair diameter:3.8*4.8cm, 44.2g
    Handle G 
    Eye Shadow, Cheek Contour, Concealer, Foundation, Setting Powder
    14cm / W:0.7cm / H:1.2cm / Hair diameter: 0.4*2.6cm, 10.2g
    Handle H 
    Eyeshadow, Brow Color, Eyeliner, Concealer
    13.5cm / W:0.6cm / H:0.9cm / Hair diameter:0.3*1.7cm, 9.6g
    Handle I 
    Lip Finish, Eyeshadow, Brow Color, Concealer
    13cm / W:0.5cm / H:0.8cm / Hair diameter:0.25*1.2cm, 9.2g
    Handle J 
    Lip Finish, Eyeshadow, Concealer
    11.9cm / W:1cm / H:1cm / Hair diameter: 0.7cm 10g

      Animal-cruelty free and made from synthetic hair.

      Have you tried an oval makeup brush? Let me know how you like it!

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