Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My First Time at a Benefit Brow Bar

It's been said that 2016 is the year of the brow and I am ALL for it. Many cosmetic companies have made it easier to get killer brows at home with easy to use products. I've learned how to use a variety of products and techniques to get good looking brows, but recently I've upped my brow game by visiting the Sephora brow bar to get my brows tinted and professionally shaped.

"F*ck you, AND your eyebrows!"
Until recently, I never knew brow tinting was beneficial for people with dark brows. I thought "well hey, my brows are already a nice colour" and didn't think twice about spending time doing my brows myself at home. My life changed once I got my brows tinted for the first time. I'm not gonna lie, I really thought I would end up looking like Bogdan from Breaking Bad. EEK!!!

I was terrified about getting my eyebrows darker, but the brow specialist assured me that my brows would look fabulous. "OK! I trust you!" I said. I'm all about trying new things right?!?!

The brow specialist started by mapping my brows and showed me where my regular waxing lady had gone wrong. I had one "good brow" and one that needed "a little extra love." I was happy to finally get my brow shape corrected. I didn't even realize they weren't the same before.

Next came the tint. It felt really creamy and was only on my face for a few minutes, but WHAT A DIFFERENCE those few minutes made! My natural brow didn't look so sparse, and it looked like they were "done" even though there was absolutely no product on my brows.

After a bit of trimming and plucking, the brow specialist used the new Benefit brow products to make my brows look even more amazing! I was very impressed with the end result. Just when I thought I was doing a good job with my brows, I get schooled by the best and learn what a truly amazing brow should look like. If you haven't already visited a Brow Bar to get your brows professionally shaped, I highly suggest you do! You won't be disappointed :)

Have you ever been to the Benefit Brow Bar? What did you think?

And PS... I'm giving away a Benefit Brow Pass in my Instagram giveaway so you could get the chance to get your own Brows Wowed! Check my Instagram page at @alittlebitofgloss to enter if you haven't already! You can also enter the contest by subscribing to this blog via email.

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