Sunday, 7 August 2016

Matcha Egg White and Honey Mask

It's Sunday facial mask time again!! I'm excited to share with you my new favourite recipe that has (of course!) HONEY! My face feels super soft and nourished after I use a honey mask and I noticed my skin looks a bit brighter. If you haven't used honey in your homemade mask, you should definitely try it! Here's my recipe for a Matcha green tea, egg white and honey mask that I hope you enjoy as much as I do :) After mixing the ingredients I put it on my face and sat for 20 minutes. I could really feel the egg whites tightening my skin after ten minutes. After rinsing, my face felt smooth and looked great!

I used:

Matcha powder- reduces inflammation, evens skin tone

honey- antibacterial, soothes, moisturizes

egg whites- helps tighten pores, lifts skin 

I really liked using the matcha powder rather than brewed green tea because I didn't have to wait for the hot tea to cool before I could use it. 

I know green tea is a powerhouse ingredient that everyone should be sipping on daily, but I had no idea matcha green tea had so many topical benefits!

Matcha is particularly good for acne because it has the ability to decrease sebum production. It is also known for being an energy booster, so it can stimulate and rejuvenate skin cells. How amazing is that?!?

I found it easier to use my masking brush to mix the honey and matcha powder first. I added the egg whites slowly since the mixture was super thick. You can add more egg whites if you want a thinner paste. I used my masking brush to apply the mask to my face, but you could use your fingers. I liked the control I got when I used the brush and I was able to get the mixture in the hard to reach places like the corner of my nose and right under my eyes. 

Let me know what you think of my matcha, egg white and honey mask recipe! I'd love to hear from you!


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