Monday, 29 August 2016

My First Time Using YLLO Turmeric Scrub

There's nothing better than a cosmetic company that has a good product and stands for a good cause. I got the chance to try the YLLO turmeric scrub and I'm super stoked to share this amazing brand with you! A huge thanks to the YLLO team for sending me this product to review :)

First and foremost I'd like to share why the YLLO brand is helping make a difference. 

YLLO donates 10% of every scrub sold towards the different charities that are member partners of How does this contribution help?
  • Empowering girls to develop vocational training and skills that are developed in a group environment reducing vulnerability and isolation
  • Targeting communities and their leaders to educate and raise awareness about the adverse effects of child marriages
  • Advocating governments to change legislation in order to raise the minimum legal age to be married
  • Helping activists set up youth groups to share their experiences and by exchanging dialogue with community leaders
How awesome is that? That's a cause I can get behind!! I was so excited to try this mask. I opened the package right away!

This is a "mix yourself" mask and I liked being in control of the consistency. After I mixed the powder with water, I painted it on my face with my masking brush. I didn't like the smell and if you're not a fan of curry, or curried food, I recommend you STAY AWAY from this product LOL! After a few seconds I felt a slight tingle. I don't have sensitive skin so I was surprised that my skin responded so quickly. After relaxing for 20 minutes I rinsed off the mask to reveal a rash on my face! OMG WHAT! Yup. I had a reaction to an ingredient in the mask. My fault for not doing a patch test. OOPSIES!!! Learn from my mistake and ALWAYS do a patch test when dealing with any new ingredients you aren't familiar with.  I wasn't worried though. I've had rashes from masks before and they usually go away in a few hours. The next morning my rash was gone and my skin was super smooth. I was right, just a little reaction to something my skin wasn't used to. I'm pleased with the results, but not getting the rash would have made the experience more pleasant for sure!! 

If you would like to learn more about YLLO, check out their website at

Have you tried turmeric masks before? Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you! 

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