Thursday, 22 September 2016

My First Time using Simpli Mandi

My skin care obsession continues with Simpli Mandi skincare. I was sent a lovely care package from the Simpli Mandi team (THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!) I got to try the lavender shea butter scrub, Brighten Up serum, and a very decadent bar soap. I'm growing fond of small batch products because I can truly feel a difference in the way my skin responds to them. Simpli Mandi products are natural,vegan, organic, as well as free of chemicals. All Simpli Mandi products are cruelty free. How awesome is that?

I absolutely loved all three products, but what stood out the most was how the Brighten Up serum can be used in different ways. This isn't just your ordinary face serum! I put a few drops of Brighten Up in my running bath water and used it as a bath oil. It was truly aromatic and made my skin feel fabulous! I loved the aroma the serum created when used with the warm bath water. I was left wondering what else I could use the serum for!

I'm definitely going to use the serum in my next homemade mask! Brighten Up has some outstanding ingredients that are perfect for at home masking, like Tamanu Oil. This oil is well known for it's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and skin lightening properties. Brighten Up also contains rose hip seed oil. This oil helps balance skin tone as well as lighten dark spots. Rose hip seed oil is an all star ingredient that is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, Omega 6, and Omega 3 which makes for a killer complexion!

The other ingredients used in the serum are quite impressive:

Organic Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Pink Grapefruit Oil, and Peppermint Oil. WOW!

If you're looking for a body scrub, I recommend checking out the lavender shea butter scrub. I have many dry patches on my legs and this scrub did an excellent job of buffing the skin. I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH! It smells fantastic and the texture was exactly what I like in a body scrub. Some scrubs are too coarse and hard to work with, but the lavender shea scrub went on smooth. This is a sugar based scrub and my skin looked brighter after just one use :)

You can find more info about the other products Simpli Mandi has to offer by visiting Visit the gifts page if you're looking to spoil someone else with fantastic organic, vegan, cruetly free skin care!

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