Wednesday, 5 October 2016

SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW- October 2016 Little Life Box

If you're looking for a healthy lifestyle subscription box, then look no further than the Little Life Box. This subscription has a nice mix of beauty products, snacks, supplements and more! I was sent the October 2016 box to review and I was very surprised with what was inside:

Edgy Veggies crackers- full sized box of rosemary roasted butternut squash crackers
Caboo bamboo and sugar cane facial tissue
A. Vogel herbamare salt
A-Sha seaweed snacks- sample sized puffed black rice and sesame seed snacks
Clif Kid organic Z Bar- full sized box of chocolate brownie energy snack
Clipper tea- one bag of Indian Chai tea, one bag of Rise and Shine herbal tea
Pur Mints- sample pack
Burt's Bees lip balm- full sized wild cherry balm
Caramela & Cranberries chocolate snack
Purely Great cream deodorant- sample sized tub in lavender
Sweet Spot wipes- three samples

All these products came in a lovely box and was nicely wrapped inside with tissue paper. I love the little note that was included. I couldn't help but laugh. It said: I don't need an inspirational quote. I need a pumpkin spiced latte. 

More about the snacks-

I liked that there were full sized items as well as samples in this box. This was a great way for me to discover new brands and to enjoy snacks that I would never have purchased on my own at the store. At first taste, the Edgy Veggies crackers were a bit dry, but the more I ate the more I enjoyed them. The rosemary added a very delicious aftertaste and I will most definitely purchase these again after trying them from this box. 

My kids really enjoyed the chocolate brownie snack from Clif Kid. They didn't find it too dry or hard, but I won't be able to put this in the lunch bags because it isn't peanut free. I wish I had more of the A-Sha seaweed snacks because there wasn't enough to go around! The puffed rice really made the snack filling and the sesame seeds added a nice crunch. Here's another item I'm glad I got to try and will add to my shopping list for next time!

If you would like to check out Little Life Box for yourself, visit their website at You can use the code OCTOBER for $5 off your first box with a monthly subscription.

For a closer look at what was inside, check out my video on YouTube


  1. Love the note! As a caffeine addict, I totally appreciate the sentiment!

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