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April 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

My current makeup subscription box is from Ipsy. I was a bit skeptical about a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box because I didn't want to end up with a bunch of products I couldn't use or didn't know how to use. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products in a cute makeup bag, and I was sold after checking out their previous bags. If you're not very adventurous with makeup like me, it's a great way to build your makeup collection on the cheap and expand your makeup expertise!

The April 2017 glam bag theme is Side Show and I can't say I'm in love with this month's bag design. When I checked the Ipsy website (like I always do on the first of the month LOL) to check the new bag design, I had to do a double take! I completely missed the bag design and I thought the ticket was just some clever graphic, or an emoji. I know...nothing gets by me!! At first I hated it, but now I realize I can use it to keep all those tokens and tickets organized that we collect from various carnivals and arcades. Very intuitive Ipsy!! Thanks :) 

In my bag:

MintPear Vitamin C Serum

Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank angled brush (pre-launch exclusive)
Jesse's Girl liquid eyeliner 
Hey Honey Bésame Mucho lip balm
The Balm cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer
BONUS- Jersey Shore Cosmetics eyelash curler

I was most happy to see the MintPear serum and Jesse's Girl liner since I'm all about discovering new brands and I've never heard of these two before. My only wish is that the samples for skin care items came in bigger sizes because it's hard to form an honest opinion after only one or two uses. The picture may be deceiving- but the serum was actually super tiny! Still, I rate the April Ipsy Glam Bag a 5/5 since I was very pleased with every product in the bag and I finally got my reward for redeeming some points last month  :) :)

Click here to sign up with Ipsy and get your very own Glam Bag! 

More about the products inside:

MintPear Vitamin C Serum-I really wanted to love this serum, but I didn't like how sticky it made my fingers and face. Maybe next time I'll use less and see if that helps 😆 It was almost odourless and I did like how quickly it absorbed. I used this once and I didn't notice any immediate results, other than the fact that I my skin looked supple and fresh. 

Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank angled brush (pre-launch exclusive)- I was really surprised with how soft this brush is! It's super trendy with the unicorns on the handle and gets the job done with its perfect angle. I loved using this for precision blush or bronzer application 😏

Jesse's Girl liquid eyeliner- Ever since I learned how to use liquid liner, it's always been my go-to. I love the formula of this liner. It went on smooth and dried to a nice matte finish. I really like using felt tips like this because you can get really sharp lines and build intensity as you go. I also liked that this liner was long lasting! FANTASTIC!

Hey Honey Bésame Mucho lip balm- I'm already a huge fan of Hey Honey products so I was so happy when I got this lip balm to try. If you're a fan of shea butter or propolis, then this lip balm is for you.  It went on super smooth and kept my lips moisturized all day! I loved the fragrance since it wasn't too strong or overwhelming. I love this more than any other lip balm I've tried-and that means a lot since I have lip balms in every purse and jacket pocket! LOL!!
The Balm cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer- This truly is the perfect multitasking product! I like that it can be used as a bronzer AND eyeshadow so I can pack light when travelling but still look fab! How awesome is that?! This formula is also perfect for when you need to use your fingers because it's so silky. WIN!

What did you get in your April Glam Bag? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I'm still hesitant to try subscription boxes. I also don't go through all my makeup fast enough so it'd stack up...and I follow less is more philosophy to keep my home organized and clean. If you want some ideas in that department, I hope you come visit my blog, too!


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