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Eyelash Extensions 101- My First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions

There are now more options than ever before in the quest for long eyelashes. Mascara offers a quick and convenient way to get the volume you desire and are perfect if you like temporary solutions. I've tried my fair share of mascaras and I love the convenience of it. I've also tried various glue-on strip lashes, and while I love the way they look I just can't be bothered with the cumbersome glue that needs to be applied every time. I do like that mascara isn't necessary with false lashes and it can last the entire day (or longer if you reaaaallly wanted to LOL!) If you like an even longer lasting solution, you can get eyelash extensions. You may have seen more and more salons offer this service and eyelash extensions have definitely gone mainstream. 

I must admit, I'm still very much a novice when it comes to some things beauty related and the idea of an extension on my lash worried me just a tiny bit. I was thrilled when I got the chance to see what eyelash extensions were really about with the lovely Aimee from Wink and Wave- an at home spa service specializing in eyelash extensions. I knew I'd have a ton of questions since I'd be popping my eyelash extension cherry, and being at home really made me more comfortable about the whole ordeal. A huge thanks to Aimee for treating me with my new lashes *flirty emoji* and for her willingness to answer all my questions and crazy "what ifs".

So what are eyelash extensions all about anyway? Imagine extensions that you would get in your hair to achieve length and fullness, but for your eyes. Each false lash (usually faux mink) is individually glued to each one of your lashes with a cyanoacrylate-based glue. You would usually only get the extensions on your upper lashes and you don't need to (read: shouldn't) apply mascara to your extensions which makes for a time saving makeup routine! You do need at least three to four millimetres of natural lash in order to get the extensions since the falsies are placed directly on- not next to- your natural lash. 

So how much does it cost? You can expect to pay anywhere from $85-$300 for a full set, so eyelash extensions aren't exactly a cost-saving solution. You can find some eyelash technicians that charge per lash and some that charge a flat fee. You do pay for what you get so make sure to do your research to find out what material your eyelash tech is using. Authentic mink will cost more but doesn't last as beware. If you like the way your lashes look after getting extensions, you can extend the life of them by getting them refilled. A refill will cost you about $40-80 depending on when you get them refilled. 

So how do the lashes get applied? The process was surprisingly pleasant and if I wasn't nervous about someone being so close to my eyes for the first time, I'm sure I would have taken a nap! When you get eyelash extensions, you should be laying down and your technician will carefully place pads on your lower lids to keep them down. The individual lashes will be dipped in the adhesive and applied to your natural lash. It's important to keep your eyes closed! A full set should take about an hour and a half or more. If you find that your tech was quicker than an hour or if you're asked to sit up, it's safe to assume that your lashes weren't applied individually. Individual application is recommended for best results.

So what should I be concerned about? There are some people that might be allergic to the lash glue and if your lashes are applied improperly, there's a risk your eyelids could get stuck together. It sounds scary I know, but you can protect yourself with a bit of research about who will be getting up close and personal with your lashes. There are no known health risks of eyelash extensions that are applied professionally so always practice caution when you choose to get eyelash extensions by reading up on what Health Canada or your local health ministry has to say about training and certifications of technicians. 

Lashes for dayyyzzz

So what are the results? The lash extensions were done so well by Aimee that I couldn't even tell I had them on. The extensions really looked like it was part of my natural lash. 
I got to keep the spoolie that was used so I could keep my lashes clean and you should be able to comb through your lashes with a spoolie if they were applied correctly. I did find it a bit annoying that my lashes were hitting my glasses, but I had no problem switching to contacts :) You shouldn't be able to feel the extensions at all, and I must admit, my lashes look ah-mazing and I've had them on for a few days now. If you feel any discomfort, like your lashes are digging into your skin, you should have them removed. 

So how do I take care of them? Eyelash extensions can last anywhere from three weeks to a month and minimal care is needed to keep them looking their best. Keep your lashes as dry as possible for the first 24 hours. Even the steam from a hot shower will delay the curing process so try staying cool and avoid swimming and sweaty exercises. Stay away from oils as the oil in your skin care products and makeup will compromise the integrity of the glue. Stay away from mascara, but if you feel like you really need it, look for a water based (NOT waterproof) formula. Your extensions will fall out on their own as your natural lashes grow. 

Even if you don't have the time to go to a salon, you can still get glorious lashes in the comfort of your own home with Wink and Wave. So far, I'm very happy with the results and if you're looking for a long lasting way to keep your lashes looking flawless, check out what Wink and Wave has to offer at

Have you tried eyelash extensions before? Let me know how you liked it by leaving me a comment!

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