Sunday, 27 August 2017

SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW-Fab Fit Fun Fall 2017 Starter Box

With summer coming to an end, I've decided it was time to try something new. (New season, who dis?! LOL) I've been seeing some awesome subscription boxes on social media and as much as I'm loyal to Ipsy, I'm getting tired of the same old things. I've wanted to try Fab Fit Fun for a while and when I found a promo code for the Starter Box I figured there was no time like the present. The promo code gave me the box for only $20 and is usually $50. A steal right?? I couldn't believe my eyes that I snagged this awesome promo. 

Here's what was inside:
Summer & Rose Yoga Towel
Marrakesh Argan and Hemp hair oil
Pure Cosmetics Palette in Stripped
Spongelle body wash infused buffer 

This box has a total retail value of $125! Yowza! I was happy to discover many new brands and to get a variety of items- not just skin care or makeup. Stay tuned for individual product reviews :) Funny enough, I wanted to do more yoga and the towel I got is a sure sign that I should stop procrastinating!! 

Click here if you wanted to snag a FFF box for yourself

This starter box was a nice teaser into what Fab Fit Fun has to offer and of course I signed up for the next seasonal box right away! I was so impressed with this box that I needed more FFF in my life!

So what is Fab Fit Fun anyway?? This lifestyle subscription box offers fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion and fitness. Boxes are delivered seasonally so you'll get one box per season for a total of four boxes per year. Fall is one of my favourite seasons so I'm so stoked for the next box!

The thing I love most about FFF are the sneak peeks on Instagram and the opportunity to pick some of the products in your box. Sometimes you can pick specific items or variations and I like the feeling of making my box a bit more personal. So far I've picked a knitted toque (perfect for fall) and a pretty tumbler with a $10 credit :) I can't wait to see what other goodies are in my Fall box!

If you're a subscription junkie and want to learn more about what Fab Fit Fun has to offer, visit the website Fab Fit Fun  and use code PUMPKINSPICE for $10 off your first box:) 

Do you like subscription boxes? Let me know your fave in the comments!

Friday, 18 August 2017

August 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

My current makeup subscription box is from Ipsy. I was a bit skeptical about a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box because I didn't want to end up with a bunch of products I couldn't use or didn't know how to use. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products in a cute makeup bag, and I was sold after checking out their previous bags. If you're not very adventurous with makeup like me, it's a great way to build your makeup collection on the cheap and expand your makeup expertise!

The August 2017 glam bag theme was Good Vibes Only and there were three bag designs available. I really like the quality of my bag this month and I'm thrilled to have a bag I'll actually use. I got the "wild & free" bag and I couldn't be happier. The gold tassel is super cute!

In my bag:
Make Up For Ever Mascara
theBalm cosmetics eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha (say what??)
Promise Organic coconut milk face lotion
Hikari cosmetics bronzer in Flush
Hey Honey facial scrub

I'm really happy to see Hey Honey in my glam bag. I've been a huge fan of the brand since discovering them in one of my bags last year.  
I rate the August Ipsy Glam Bag a 4/5.

Click here to sign up with Ipsy and get your very own Glam Bag! 

More about the products inside:

Make Up For Ever Mascara- As much as I love a good mascara, I don't like the chemical smell of this particular sample.  I don't remember having this experience with other MUFE products, but in any case, I don't like putting "plastic-y" smelling products on my face :( I really wanted to love this but really couldn't get past the smell. Sorry guys!

theBalm cosmetics eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha- This shade can be found in theBalm Voyage Vol.2 Palette. This product can be used wet or dry, and serves many purposes...which as you know but now I looooove multi-use products!! This shade blends well and looks vibrant on my skin, but also delivers a pretty and soft shimmer. I'll most likely use this as a highlight and eye shadow :) I think it's clever that all the names for the colours in the palette are various words for "welcome". Very fitting for a travel themed product!

Promise Organic coconut milk face lotion- I love any product with coconut in it, and not just because it's trendy LOL. I'm not very familiar with Promise Organic products, but I can tell you that this is one of the best lotions I've used in a long time. I noticed an immediate improvement after using this lotion and I'll definitely buy the full size :) Gentle, yet effective= perfect! The formula was easily absorbed and smells fantastic. I'm happy to report that my skin responded well to this product. I give this lotion two thumbs up!!

Hikari cosmetics bronzer in Flush- I love a good bronzer and this multipurpose product can be used as one pigment by mixing them together, or you can use the four pigments separately. That's a big plus in my books! This looks like a bronzer and blush in one so you can get a bit more adventurous with your makeup game by playing around with the placement of the shades. I love looking like a sun kissed goddess and this definitely did the trick!

Hey Honey facial scrub- I'm a bit of a Hey Honey groupie because I love the way my skin is so soft after using a Hey Honey product. This scrub has a grainy texture that works well on all skin types. I was surprised to find that the cleansing crystals dissolved as I used more water, so it felt good knowing I wasn't washing harmful microbeads down the drain. I was left with a fresh face- free of dry patches, dirt, oil, and other nasties. Totally in luuuurve with this scrub!

As envious as I get about other glam bags, it seems there are times when Ipsy really knows me LOL. Did you get your August Glam Bag? I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, 14 August 2017

My First Time using Zao cosmetics

I've always had a love affair with bronzer and makeup that gives my skin a shimmer. As you know by now, my makeup routine is super simple and I always prefer a "barely there" makeup look. With bronzer, I can get a perfect glow without looking too "made up." I'm always on the hunt for the best products and I was thrilled to receive a few lovely gifts from the Zao team- one of which was a bronzer. The Zao range not only comes with beautiful bamboo packaging, but with a soft Zao branded pouch. This makes all the Zao products perfect for gifting. What also makes the Zao brand so unique is the ability to fully customize and refill your palette.  Keep reading for my first impressions ⇩⇩⇩

Bronzer 342- I really like the Zao formula and found this bronzer to be long lasting as well as nourishing for my skin. Some bronzers don't blend well and you're sometimes left with a striped look. This bronzer blended perfectly and really made my skin glow! Most of the Zao products come in reusable and refillable bamboo packaging which is perfect if you're looking for a brand that is environmentally conscious. 

Eye shadows 105 and 202- I also got two eye shadows that I've since fallen in love with. I like that these eye shadows have enough shimmer that they can be used as a highlighter. That's a big win in my books because I like multi-functional products. Products that blend well are important to me and these eye shadows do a fantastic job. The formula is high-quality and is on par with many of the other top notch brands I've used. The Zao powders are talc free but still last all day. PERFECT!

Lip polish 035- And speaking of long lasting products, I was surprised that the lip polish stayed vibrant after a full day of talking, eating, and drinking! The Raspberry 035 is the perfect product if you're looking for something with a glossy finish, but offers more colour than a lip gloss. It almost feels like a liquid lipstick when you put it on and delivers a ton of moisture so you can achieve a luscious pout. You can use the lip polish on its own, or you can use it over your fave lipstick for a shiny finish. I love how versatile this product is! The formula spreads very well and 5ml sure does go a long way :)

You can find so many products on the Zao website and there really is something for everyone. There's a wide range of foundations, bamboo brushes, lip products, blush, bronzers, eye shadows and other accessories.  I'm truly impressed with the Zao brand and I'm happy to share my new discovery with you! If you're looking to discover this eco friendly, cruelty-free, gluten-free brand for yourself, check out 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

AFFORDABLE BEAUTY- Life Brand beauty masks

Skin care and beauty products don't have to break the bank, so I'd like to offer up the first entry in my AFFORDABLE BEAUTY series ❤❤❤ 

I have to confess. I'm addicted to Shoppers Drug Mart. I don't know what it is about the place, but as soon as I walk in I know I'm going to walk out with things I suddenly remember I need.  I love the convenience of having everything I want in one place, with brands I'm familiar with and prices I can deal with (I won't even get started on the Optimum points OMG)  so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I stumbled upon the Life Brand beauty masks that were on special when I went looking for items for a girls night with my daughter. I'm usually skeptical with off brand beauty products so I was happy to finally discover what Life Brand was all about. No time like the present...amirite?! 

I got three masks- the detoxifying mask with french clay, the brightening mask with pink clay and shea butter, and the brightening mask with grapeseed extract. I admit that I didn't have high hopes for these masks, I was just happy that I didn't have to go into my personal stash for my 8 year old! Turns out, the Life Brand masks are fantastic for days you need a quick fix at a reasonable price. I would suggest avoiding the peels if you have sensitive skin because the tingling sensation can be a bit irritating. Always double check the ingredients and do a patch test first when you're trying new products!

My favourite out of the three masks was the pink clay and shea butter mask. This mask was gentle yet effective. I did notice an immediate tingling sensation and after 20 minutes, my face was left soft and glowing. The mask spread well and washed off easily. I liked that the fragrance wasn't too strong. The formula felt like any other mid-range product and I was impressed that the masks are paraben free. 

I had a hard time finding the full ingredients list online, but one thing that stood out when I looked at the ingredients on pouch was carrageenan. Wait wuuut??! Let's back up a case you didn't know, carrageenan has been a bad word in recent studies- particularly when it comes to food. Carrageenan is an ingredient that you can typically find in foods that are smooth and consistent like ice cream, yogurt, pudding, chocolate milk etc. and offers improved texture and thickening of the product you're adding it to. 

So what's it doing in skin care products?? While some studies have shown that degraded carrageenan is harmful and that there is a connection between exposure and stomach ulcers and turmors in mice, food-grade carrageenan has been found to be safe to use in skin care and food. I'm still unsure about how the use of degraded vs food-grade carrageenan is regulated, so if you have any insight about this please do let me know! I'm very intrigued about this topic.

I got these masks at the affordable price of 3 for $5 or $1.50 when its on sale! There's a ton of product in each package, and depending on how thick you like your masks, you can get between 3-4 uses from just one pouch! I also like that there is something for every skin type. You can find brightening, exfoliating, anti-aging and even skin calming formulas. I find that even though its a cheaper product, it's effective and you aren't paying extra for the frills and fancy packaging that some other brands charge. 

I've tried quite of bit of products since my blogging journey began and I can honestly say that the old adage "you pay for what you get" is especially true for skin care. While I liked the results these Life Brand masks provided, I could tell this wouldn't be something I'd rely on as my only source of skin care. The pink clay mask provided a temporary fix and would be perfect for days when I need a break from my regular routine. 

If you're looking for a convenient mask that's great for sharing, then you should check out what Life Brand has to offer.

Have you tried any Life Brand masks? Let me know which one is your fave!!

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