Monday, 18 September 2017

September 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

My current makeup subscription box is from Ipsy. I was a bit skeptical about a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box because I didn't want to end up with a bunch of products I couldn't use or didn't know how to use. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products in a cute makeup bag, and I was sold after checking out their previous bags. If you're not very adventurous with makeup like me, it's a great way to build your makeup collection on the cheap and expand your makeup expertise!

The September 2017 glam bag theme was Like. A. Boss. and I immediately fell in love with the bag design. I have never received a black glam bag from Ipsy so it was a welcome change from all the bright colours. I liked that the bag had a faux leather feel and minimal branding. I was thrilled to get such a nice bag for my birthday month! Totally feeling like a Boss Babe now! Thanks Ipsy :)

In my bag:
Luxie Beauty rose gold medium angled eyeshadow brush
Colourpop Lippie Stix in Glam Bag
Skin Food cleansing foam
Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow in Gunmetal
Adesse New York nail polish in Deception

As much as I love the bag itself, I'm a bit disappointed with the contents this month.There weren't any standout items for me so I rate the September Ipsy Glam Bag a 2/5.

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More about the products inside:

Luxie Beauty rose gold medium angled eyeshadow brush- I discovered Luxie Beauty from Ipsy last year and I love all their brushes. I'm excited to see how well this brush blends because I've never used an angled eyeshadow brush. Luxie brushes are 100% cruelty free and oh so gorg on my vanity :) Like all the other Luxie brushes I've used, this brush is super soft and isn't awkward to hold, which believe it or not, some brushes just suck. 

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Glam Bag- This colour was Not. For. Me. Nuh uh. No way. Return to sender! I'll spare you the horrendous pictures, but just imagine if a neon pink highlighter (the marker kind) was a lipstick- with an emphasis on the neon. Oh, and it's matte *side eye emoji* I'm not the biggest Colourpop fan anyway so I'll most likely never use this lippie. Sorry not sorry. 

Skin Food cleansing foam- I like this cleanser because it was gentle yet effective. I was expecting a much thicker lather, but the formula worked perfectly even though it wasn't what I expected. The fragrance was mild and pleasant. I like cleansers that leave me feeling clean but not stripped and this cleanser was perfect. 

Elizabeth Mott eyeshadow in Gunmetal- I've had a few Elizabeth Mott products from Ipsy and I was always impressed with the formula. This shadow is super pigmented and spreads well. There's very little fall out and I like how blendable Elizabeth Mott shadows are. I looooove this shade for fall, but the sample is oh so teeny tiny!!!

Adesse New York nail polish in Deception- I'm a sucker for a good gel polish and Deception really hit it out of the park.  It spread well and I love the long lasting formula. This colour is on trend for the fall but I just wish I got something else other than nail polish. It's nice to get a full size bottle but I feel like there were so many other things Ipsy could have included in the bag this month.

I was a bit disappointed with the samples I got in the September glam bag.  Did you get your September Glam Bag and if so, how did you like it? I'd love to hear from you!

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