Wednesday, 24 January 2018

My PM Skin Care Routine

Routine is defined as a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program or regimen. Sometimes my skin care routine feels more like a ritual- a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. I truly do find that I'm more relaxed at night while I'm following my skin care ritual. Maybe it's because I can have some time for myself, or maybe it's because I know sleep usually follows!!

My PM routine is fairly simple and there are usually ONLY 7 or 8 steps. Here's my most recent faves:

Step 1- Cleanse

I love the Orenda Illuminating face wash with vitamin C because the gel formula is light but gets the job done perfectly. After using this cleanser my face feels fresh and oh so clean! I like that this face wash is vegan and pH balanced for all skin types. I've been using this cleanser for a while now and it's my "go to" for when I need a deep clean after a long day.

Step 2- Tone/Exfoliate

I discovered First Aid Beauty last year from Sephora and it's a staple in my household because it's gentle enough for my kids to use. I like using the Facial Radiance Pads after cleansing because it contains lactic and glycolic acid which help tone and exfoliate the skin. On days when my lips need a little extra love, I also use a lip scrub to help exfoliate my lips and keep them looking lush.  My current fave is the Indi Beauty buttercream lip scrub. It smells so so good (maybe because the first ingredient is organic sugar) Yes please!!

Step 3- Mask

Once my skin has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, I apply a mask. There are some days I like to wear a sheet mask, but most days I like using wash off masks. My current obsession is the Prairie Bloom Botanicals charcoal and marshmallow mask aka the black one. This mask is a waterless mask that you have to mix yourself in order to use. It's a white clay, calendula powder, marshmallow root powder, and activated charcoal concoction that easily mixes with water to create a paste. I felt a gentle tingle while this mask was on and it did dry fairly quickly. I found very little flaking during drying. After rinsing, my skin was glowing! I'm obsessed.

Step 4- Serum

I usually don't fall for beauty trends, especially if I see products EVERYWHERE, which is what I experienced with The Ordinary. Nonetheless, I've decided to jump on the most recent skin care bandwagon after reading about the brand and their values. I've recently incorporated a new product into my routine- The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion.  I loved how it absorbed well and left my skin looking supple and smooth. This product has done wonders for my skin and I can't wait to incorporate other serums and tonics from The Ordinary in my routine. 

Step 5- Eye cream

I never go to bed without applying eye cream and I'm loving the results from the Virginia Stone cream. Its super luxe but melts easily. This superfood complex is designed to stimulate cell renewal, inhibit oxidative stress, combat free radical damage, and awaken tired skin. There are so many potent ingredients in this eye cream... I'm amazed! I'm also impressed with Virginia Stone's commitment to wildlife conservation and every Virginia Stone product is proudly vegan. Effort is also made to protect the integrity of the ingredients by using a "slow-cook" approach because after all, products are only as good as the quality of ingredients within. My absolute fave thing about the cream is that it's stored in a little concrete box called a stone Luxador. Yup. The stone does an excellent job of protecting active ingredients and prevents UV damage. 

Step 6- Sleeping Mask

The last step in my nightly routine is a sleeping mask or night cream. If you follow my Instagram account (@alittlebitofgloss) you may have seen my recent post on niacinamide. This sleeping mask from Soo AE is formulated with niacinamide, acai berry, and blueberry which are all fantastic ingredients that help combat the appearance of dull skin. You can find this mask for only $4 on the or at your local Walmart. This is an affordable way to add some much needed nourishing ingredients to your winter skin care routine. 

I love waking up to super soft skin so it's worth the effort to follow a multi-step routine. My ritual isn't as crazy as some I've seen on other blogs and 6 or 7 steps is manageable for me. How many steps are in your regimen? I'd love to know if you have more than 7 steps!

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