Wednesday, 21 March 2018

SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW- Extraordinary Man Box *Spring 2018*

Spring has sprung everyone, and even though it certainly doesn't feel like it, there's a new Extraordinary Man Box for spring that I'm so excited to share with you. Subscription boxes are great for getting some seasonal goodies and since spring is all about new possibilities, fresh new vibes, and embracing the sun again, the EMB spring box was filled to the brim with fresh picks for spring. 

In the box:

Canvas Candle Co Woodland soy candle
Wolf Clothing Capella socks
Walter's Shoe Care Shine To Go
Glutenull Quinoa Granola
Wolf Clothing Admiral lapel pin
Scentuals facial cleanser
Cooking Essentials 3-in-1 avocado tool
Redavid texture creme 

My favourite items were the soy candle (obvs LOL)  and I must admit...I'm a sucker for kitchen tools so the 3-in-1 avocado tool will definitely be the most used item from this box. This box is valued at $126 CAD and is a great deal if you're looking for some useful items to add to your collection. There were 8 items in the spring 2018 box and every item will be well loved. 

More about the products inside:

Canvas Candle Co Woodland soy candle- There's something about candles that keeps me calm and what I love most about this soy candle is that my hubby won't complain that the house smells too sweet. Honestly it's perfect for both of us! He likes that it's got a clean and woodsy scent, and I like that there's a hint of vanilla as well as a non-toxic, soy wax base that's infused with natural oils. 

Wolf Clothing Capella socks- These socks are great for any wardrobe since the design is striking but not overbearing. Named after the brightest star in the Auriga constellation, these socks are perfect if a seasonal wardrobe upgrade is needed. My hubby can never have enough socks!

Walter's Shoe Care Shine To Go- This is a great addition to your spring time arsenal because you can use it on most leather products- not just shoes. The sponge is super convenient to use and offers a no mess way to stay shiny and fresh. I don't know what is in the formula but I swear it smells like cookies. The Walter's Shoe Care website says it's a "special blend of the finest waxes" so whatever it smells yummy!

Glutenull Quinoa Granola- I was excited to see a full size bag of granola in the EMB spring box. I was unfamiliar with the Glutenull brand and I was thrilled to try something new. I've been a huge fan of quinoa for a while now and this quinoa granola sounded incredible. It's made with gluten-free and high fibre ingredients that's packed with protein. There's a nice balance of fruits and nuts that would please any granola lover. I'm already thinking of all the different ways I can enjoy this treat....mmmmmm! Definitely going to try this on top of some yogurt later today :)

Wolf Clothing Admiral lapel pin- I thought this lapel pin was very trendy and offers an understated way to add a dash of sophistication to any wardrobe. I LOVE!!!! If you have a spring wedding to attend or just want to upgrade your spring blazer and collar combo, this pin would be perfect for you. 

Scentuals facial cleanser-I've been all over my hubby about taking more time for skin care because only have one face so you better take care of it! So THANK the HEAVENS this cleanser was in the spring box. In keeping with the spring renewal vibe, this cleanser is invigorating and leaves the skin thoroughly clean. I was impressed to see that the first ingredient is aloe juice followed by olive oil. NOICE!  And since this cleanser is 99.6% natural, it would be beneficial for all skin types. 

Cooking Essentials 3-in-1 avocado tool- I may not look like a chef or talk like a chef, but I can make a mean guacamole. Just a few days a go I made my signature dish and a large bowl was GONE in seconds!!! I'm no stranger to avocados so that's why I was thrilled to see this 3-in-1 avocado tool in the spring box. Honestly...WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! This handy tool can scoop, slice, and even pits avocados with ease.  I also love that it's plastic and has a comfortable handle. WINNING!!!

Redavid texture creme- I wasn't a big fan of the fragrance when I took a sniff of this product but it did feel super luxe and made my hubby's hair feel nicely textured. It's got a 4/5 star rating for hold and a 3/5 star rating for shine. Great for anyone that wants to get creative with their hair this spring! 

I'm very pleased with this box and would recommend getting the subscription for any special guy that might need a little lifestyle update. Don't miss out on this great box! 

Check out the EMB at and let me know how you're getting ready for a new season in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. That avocado tool looks so cool! This box has such a great range of food-related and beauty-related products.

  2. This is a lovely set of things in the box. It is my first time hearing about this particular box but it seems to include many great products. I will read more about it.

  3. I love subscription boxes! They are a great way to see if you like a product before buying the full size.


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