Wednesday, 27 June 2018

CURRENT OBSESSION- Eau Thermale Avène (Tinted Mineral Sunscreen)

Light and "barely there" makeup has always been my first love...with a killer winged liner and gloss of course! In my last post I told you about my love for Eau Thermale Avène- the brand that has never disappointed. I got to try so many Avène goodies from the Langton PR team that I wanted to highlight my new favourite makeup routine featuring the high protection SPF50+ tinted mineral sunscreen. I'm thrilled to find a brand (that I already know is amazing) that also offers mineral sunscreen with an SPF 50+! A huge thanks to Langton PR for hooking me up with these awesome goodies just in time for summer! My tinted mineral kit included- three shades of the high protection mineral sunscreen and the thermal spring water spray. 

Here's my "barely there" face. No editing, just real skin :)
The complex correction shield SPF 50+ is a broad spectrum formula. You'll remember I told you all about SPF a few posts back and why you should look for products that say "broad spectrum" because that's where you'll get the best coverage. The term SPF usually refers to the amount of UVB protection it provides so you'll need a product like the complex correction shield to provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays when you're in the sun. 

At first use, I was impressed with this formula because tinted moisturizers have always been my first beauty love. A long long time ago I wouldn't wear anything other than tinted moisturizer, partly because it was the safest choice and I wasn't as adventurous with makeup as I am now. 

This feels like a tinted moisturizer but blends even better! You can really get variable coverage for healthy looking skin with this sunscreen. I used a tiny bit of "dark" with twice as much "medium" to get my perfect shade. A little bit of the mixture spread very well and I love that I got sun protection as well as a skin loving formula. This sunscreen was hydrating and long lasting. I even used this under my eyes and was impressed that there was minimal creasing. I felt good knowing I was using a product with no fragrance, no parabens, and no oil. I got a more even complexion and did feel radiant! I'm happy to add this sunscreen to my daily routine :) I didn't realize how important sun safety was until recently and I'm happy to have discovered this amazing mineral sunscreen. 

On hot days, there's nothing better than feeling light and not bogged down by makeup, so I was happy to get the thermal spring water since I'm a huge fan of mists. The spray bottle is super convenient to bring along on bike rides or trips to the beach and was a great way to keep the entire family cool on hot days. This spray is not only for anyone looking to cool down. It would also be useful to use after sunburns, for diaper rashes or skin irritations, after shaving, after a workout or even as a facial mist. My kids used this during a bike ride on a really hot day so it's safe for kids or anyone with sensitive skin. I also love that it's non drying. 

There are more ways now than ever to beat the heat, and this mist is just one way I love cooling down. Tell me, what are some ways you practise sun safety and plan on beating the heat this summer? Let me know in the comments...I'd love to hear from you! 

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