Thursday, 11 October 2018

Fall Skin Care Loves- A. by Bom Ultra Watery Eoseongcho

A couple posts back I gave you some tips on how to keep your skin in tip top shape for the fall. Your skin needs some extra loving in the colder months, so it would be a great idea to switch up a few things in your skin care arsenal. My first tip was

1. Take a look at your cleanser

As the weather becomes drier and cooler, it's important to balance the skin with heavier and more nourishing ingredients. If you're using a gel or milk formula, you may notice that there isn't enough hydration that your skin now desperately needs. Now is the perfect time to incorporate oils and thicker cleansers into your routine. Implementing a face oil as cleanser is a great way to keep your skin from getting dry or feeling stripped as the weather gets colder. Use a face oil as the the first step in your routine in lieu of a harsh cleanser to remove your makeup. 

I like using the A. by Bom Ultra Watery Eoseongcho cleanser and foam because (despite the name) there's nothing watery about these cleansers at all. On the contrary, these cleansers offered the nourishing feeling I love for my fall skin care. I got these beauties from the lovely Bemused Korea team and I'm so grateful that I got to add these essentials to my fall skin care routine. 

At first glance, the Ultra Watery Eoseongcho cleanser looks like a solid, but as soon as you rub some of it between your fingers, it turns into a lavish cleansing oil. It's a buttery soft balm that is a very effective cleanser. I was surprised! I used this cleanser twice- the first time as a makeup remover, and another time a couple days later as a cleanser on my bare face. My skin felt smooth and supple after both uses. I liked that my skin didn't feel stripped or raw. There's a handy little spatula that comes with each tub so you can easily scoop out the product. While rubbing this onto your face, makeup and other impurities are lifted away. I loved watching my eyeshadow and mascara melt off. I thought that was the extent of this balm's capabilities, but when I rinsed with warm water, I was even happier. The balm turned into a luxe milky cleanser when a bit of water was added.

So what's in it anyway? The Ultra Watery Eoseongcho cleanser is packed with skin loving ingredients like camellia japonica seed oil and salvia hispanica seed extract (hydrates), houttuynia cordata extract (soothes), and camellia sinesis leaf extract (conditions). Sounds fancy right?! These names are just the scientific names for ingredients you already know and love like Japanese tea oil, chia seed oil, and other common tea leaves. 

The Ultra Watery Eoseongcho cleansing foam is my second fall skin care staple because the non-irritating bubbles gave me a deeper clean than the cleansing balm, but still nourished my dry skin. It's formulated with similar ingredients as the cleansing balm, and is a great alternative for those that might not want to cleanse with oil. As you can see in the picture, just one pump of foam is all you need to get a rich lather on your face. I love that I can use one or the other, or a combination of the two for a double whammy! The Be Mused Korea website has many skin care products that are perfect for nourishing your skin during the cooler months. If you want to find your next K Beauty must have, check out what BMK has to offer. The amazing BMK team has offered 15% off for all my readers by using the code BITOFGLOSS15, but hurry...this offer ends December 18th!

What are your fave fall cleansers? Do you switch up your cleanser in the colder months to include cleansing oils? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear from you! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW- Simply Beautiful Box *Fall 2018*

Growing up, summer has always been my favourite season. I remember being in tears when summer break was over and it was time to go back to school. I dreaded the cold weather and I used to wear my summer clothes as long as I possibly could. Now, oddly enough, my favourite season is the fall. As an adult you appreciate things differently than when you were in your younger years. The crisp air and crunch of the leaves under my feet as the summer fades away has become something I get excited for. Like, really, really excited. What can I say, I love being cosy with my oversized scarves and trendy boots. 

If you like autumn like me, you know that it also means making comfort food and making time for all the little ways the cooler weather encourages you to take care of yourself and your home. Having the right seasonal accessories sure does make the transition easier. I was thrilled to get the fall Simply Beautiful Box from the lovely BC Living team, the same team that curated the Extraordinary Man Box. This box was filled to the brim with some fantastic essentials for fall that will keep you and your home warm and cheerful.  

In the box:

Olive + Piper necklace
Huna Age-Grace face serum 
Blush Peony rose gold measuring cups
Scentuals grapefruit and turmeric hand cream 
Elate Cosmetics lipstick
Simply Beautiful trinket tray 
Blush Peony rose gold diamond pen 
Starbucks Espresso roast ground coffee (full size bag)

There were so many awesome products in this box that I couldn't pick just one fave. This box is valued at $238 CAD (yes...really!) and is a great deal if you're looking for some useful items to refresh your fall essentials. There were 8 items in the fall 2018 box and each item is perfect for anyone looking for a seasonal box of goodies. I'm really impressed with the wide variety of products! 

More about the products inside:

Olive + Piper necklace- I feel like the Simply Beautiful curators really get me. The Olive + Piper necklace looks so pretty up close that pictures don't do it any justice. It's just dainty enough to add a touch of class to your wardrobe, but sparkly enough if you're wearing it out on the town. The chain can be adjusted to suit your preference- from 15 to 18 inches. If cute necklaces like this aren't your thing, you can save this gem as a stocking stuffer since 'you- know-what' is just around the corner!!

Huna Age-Grace face serum- If you've been reading along, you know that skin care is my jam so when I saw this serum my inner skin care nerd was jumping for joy! This serum promises to deliver deep hydration, antioxidant protection, as well as a healthy glow. I love that this serum is formulated with all natural ingredients like organic carrot tissue oil, green tea, and rosemary extract. I used this a few times as part of my evening skin care routine and I did notice a healthy glow the next morning. It's too soon to tell if this will be a regular product for me, but so far it's a keeper! 

Blush Peony rose gold measuring cups- I must admit, kitchen items never really excited me...until now. These rose gold measuring cups are the perfect kitchen accessory that adds some style and flare. Not only are these measuring cups sturdy, there the most Instagrammable kitchen accessory I've ever seen!

Scentuals grapefruit and turmeric hand cream- I don't know about you, but my skin gets super dry in the colder months. I must have tried every lotion on the market! The Simply Beautiful Box featured the Scentuals grapefruit and turmeric hand cream and I'm grateful for this amazing product. Much needed! It absorbs quickly, smells great, and leaves my skin moisturized. What more could I need?

Elate Cosmetics lipstick- I was happy to see a brand I wasn't familiar with and the Elate lipstick was a hidden treasure! This lipstick left my lips feeling nourished and the colour is flattering for all skin tones. I felt good knowing this brand uses vegan and sustainable ingredients. Clean beauty for the win!!

Simply Beautiful trinket tray- I loved the simplicity of this trinket tray and it perfect for holding my Olive + Piper necklace! The tray is ceramic and goes well with most feminine decor. The gold flakes are a nice touch. I feel motivated to tidy up my vanity now! 

Blush Peony rose gold diamond pen- Call me an old lady all you want, but there's something about taking notes with a nice pen that I just love. The Blush Peony rose gold pen is my favourite item in this box! Be prepared to see this pen all over my Instagram feed since the gem on the top of the pen is a real beauty. 

Starbucks Espresso roast ground coffee (full size bag)- It was a nice treat to get a full sized bag of the Starbuck Espresso roast coffee. I'm an avid tea drinker, but once in a while I love having a nice warm cuppa joe. Like all Starbucks coffees, this Espresso roast tastes delicious and would be perfect for cold fall days when you want to cozy up and savour the rich flavour. 

If you love this haul and want to see what the amazing team at BC Living has to offer, check out their website at and tell me, what's your fave seasonal subscription box? I'd love to hear from you!!

Monday, 8 October 2018

6 Ways To Keep Your Summer Glow in the Fall

As much as I love the summer, I love the cool weather of the fall even more. One thing I don't love however, is the way my skin responds to the seasonal change.  We all love updating our wardrobe for the fall with cozy sweaters and scarves, but how often do we remember to update our skincare routines? This time of year is perfect for giving beauty cabinets an overhaul to make sure your skin stays healthy year round.

Here are my top 6 tips for keeping your skin in tip top shape as we transition into the cooler months ahead!

1. Take a look at your cleanser

As the weather becomes drier and cooler, it's important to balance the skin with heavier and more nourishing ingredients. If you're using a gel or milk formula, you may notice that there isn't enough hydration that your skin now desperately needs. Now is the perfect time to incorporate oils and thicker cleansers into your routine. Implementing a face oil as cleanser is a great way to keep your skin from getting dry or feeling stripped as the weather gets colder. Use a face oil as the the first step in your routine in lieu of a harsh cleanser to remove your makeup. 

2. Pamper yourself 

I notice that I get more dry patches on my face so I make an effort to ramp up my daily routine by incorporating more exfoliating products and beauty tools. I recently purchased a jade roller and the benefits are outstanding (more on this in another post). It's really important to keep your skin looking fresh by sloughing off the dead skin that may accumulate during the cooler months. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that can trap oil and bacteria which in turn reduces breakouts. Take advantage of this new season to address any sun damage that you have have acquired over the summer. Invest in a good chemical peel to further rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.

3. Up your water intake...and stick to it!

We've all heard it before. DRINK MORE WATER! In the summer my skin feels tight and dehydrated from being exposed to too much air conditioning and in the cooler months, my skin gets dry from indoor heating. There's no winning!! I've tried my best to drink more water this summer and I have to admit, it's not as easy as it sounds! Having a bottle within reach is an easy visual reminder to drink more water, but recently I've added 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to two bottle fill-ups per day and I swear- my skin has glowed like never before! I've been drinking ACV for a long time now and not only has my skin glowed like never before, my overall health is in tip top shape because of this healthy habit. 

4. Stay committed to your serums and moisturizers

I've never appreciated skin care as much as I do now and I've been lucky enough to try many different moisturizers and let me tell you- not all serums and moisturizers are created equal! The purpose of a moisturizer is to protect the skin's barrier, which is most important during the cooler months. Look for products that are rich in omegas, fatty acids, lipids, and ceramides because the best moisturizers hydrate, soothe and seals moisture.

5. Don't forget the sunscreen

It's true that the harmful UVB rays aren't as strong in the cooler months, UVA rays (the ones that cause premature ageing and cancer) remain just as strong and harmful as the warmer months. Sun protection is a year round job and you'd benefit from SPF coverage every day. 

6. Add lip balm to your daily and nightly routine

Adding a swipe of lip balm to my lips before I go to bed has made a huge difference for me! The colder weather is particularly drying on the lips and dealing with chapped or cracked lips is no fun! Like the skin under our eyes, the skin on our lips is delicate and thin so a little extra TLC will go a long way. I also love using a lip scrub to exfoliate once in a while to keep my lips looking their best!

There are my favourite ways to keep my skin balanced for fall and to prepare for the cooler weather that's soon to come. Have you already started your fall skincare overhaul? I'd love to hear what products you're incorporating into your seasonal routine.

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